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confidence in a certain event or outcome occurring; a subjective judgment by a decision maker. The sure thing, the guaranteed happening, the certain winner.

certainty equivalent
the estimated value of a doubtful happening if it happened; used to help decision making in risky ventures.
certainty required
refers to the making of a diagnosis. The criterion on which a decision can be made about how far to go in the investigation of a case is the degree of certainty required.

Patient discussion about certainty

Q. Can certain fruits/veggies make Ritalin less effective? I've heard this about oranges and lemons - is it true? How about other produce? How much does it weaken Ritalin? Will taking a higher dose resolve the problem? (I currently take 10mg morning and 10mg afternoon)

A. As far as I know, oranges and lemons don't affect Ritalin. However, taking the Ritalin with food may increase the amount of drug that actually get into your body, but it depends on the specific formulation (e.g. Concerta isn't affected by food). One that takes Ritalin should avoid alcoholic drinks, since it may cause decrease activity of the brain, and also should avoid herbs of several kinds (yohimbine and ephedra).

THIS IS ONLY A GENERAL ADVICE - I haven't seen you or checked you, so if you have any concerns than you should consult a doctor.

Q. Is there a relation between certain types of allergies and graves? I suffer from graves and have been suffering from allergies since I was real young. Are these two related somehow?? anyone else suffers from both?

A. Not that I know about. However, allergy is quite common, and Graves' disease is also not a rare disease, so it's not impossible for the two to appear in the same person.

Take care,

Q. Are there are certain types of people that have a stronger tendency to become alcoholics?

A. the important part is to remember that you dont really know if you have a tendency to become an alcoholic until you are one, so the safe bet is to just stay away from it and no tell yourself that "it could never happen to you".

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Look at Abraham's journey in the Old Testament: every normal certitude of land, marriage, family, camels, goats, and reputation is called into question.
Les investisseurs ont maintenant la certitude qu'ils vont ramasser encore plus de benefices en 2017, alors ils y vont
And contrary to "faith is a mystery," faith is a certitude that was fully embraced by those who are canonized saints.
beaucoup moins que] Je ne peux pas dire avec une certitude absolue que l'accord (pour geler la production petroliere) sera atteint, mais c'est bien possible [beaucoup plus grand que], a declare Poutine, soulignant que la Russie [beaucoup moins que] ferait tout ce que ses partenaires de l'Opep attendaient qu'elle fasse [beaucoup plus grand que].
The Minister of Defence of Ukraine thanked for assistance and support and expressed certitude that in the future the Ukraine-Portugal cooperation would be developed.
The Foreign Affairs Minister said that no certitude was given on this matters but all information converge towards the fact that Chourabi and Ktari are still alive.
au monde, la voie de la certitude : l'essence de la Photographie est de ratifier ce qu'elle represente (-) Cette certitude, aucun ecrit ne peut me la donner (-) le noeme du langage est peut-etre cette impuissance (-) le langage est, par nature, fictionnel; pour essayer de rendre le langage infictionnel, il faut un enorme dispositif de mesures : on convoque la logique, ou, a defaut le serment; mais la photographie, elle, est indifferente a tout relais : elle n'invente pas; elle est l'authentification meme[beaucoup plus grand que], ecrivait le semiologue francais Roland Barthes dans son oeuvre [beaucoup moins que]La chambre claire[beaucoup plus grand que].
Thus, the certitude that is frequently expressed in policy analysis often is not credible.
Nous avons la certitude de gagner", a-t-il dit soulignant les "exploits politiques et militaires" du regime.