certified reference material

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certified reference material (CRM),

a reference material documented by or traceable to a certificate or publication from a reputable source and that states the values of the properties concerned.

cer·ti·fied ref·er·ence ma·te·ri·al

(CRM) (sĕr'ti-fīd ref'rĕns mă-tēr'ē-ăl)
A reference material documented by or traceable to a certificate or publication from a reputable source and stating the values of the properties concerned.
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It expands ATCC's ability to produce internationally recognized standards for biological research and development, including Certified Reference Materials," said Rosemarie Pruden, PhD, Director of Quality at ATCC.
Commutability of serum protein values: persisting bias among manufacturers using values assigned from the certified reference material 470 (CRM 470) in the United States.
It is best, therefore, to check overall measurement operations by periodically analyzing externally certified reference materials that match test sample matrices as closely as possible.
Certified reference materials are generally accepted as providing traceable values; the reference value is then the certified value of the CRM.
The present study concerns whether use of the certified reference material and minor further adjustments of 6 commercially available cystatin C assays can increase agreement among the assays so that a common, virtually assay-independent, cystatin C-based equation for estimation of GFR can be established by use of a large population of about 5000 individuals with known GFR.
Half a century later, the company prepares and distributes certified reference materials for chemical analysis worldwide.
This, in turn, has spurred global demand for and cooperation in certified reference materials activities on the international level.
IRMM is intending to purchase raw material for the preparation of a candidate certified reference material on T3 (3,3~,5-triiodo-L-thyronine).
MMTS follows a strict QA/QC protocol with a certified reference material (CRM), blanks and duplicate samples insertedwith every 25 samples.
We describe a newly available human urine Certified Reference Material (CRM) for arsenic speciation, NIES CRM No.
Furthermore, the certified reference material will contribute to establishing market confidence, demonstrating that nanomaterial products meet the customers' technical specifications.
The urea certified reference material and the water samples for calibrating the pipetter and the syringe were weighed with a microbalance (model MC1; Sartorius).

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