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Commutability of serum protein values: persisting bias among manufacturers using values assigned from the certified reference material 470 (CRM 470) in the United States.
Certification of C-reactive protein in reference material ERM[R]DA472/IFCC: Certified Reference Material ERM[R] DA472/IFCC.
In the February issue of this journal, Bunk and Welch (11) reported the characterization of a new certified reference material for human cardiac troponin I.
Determination of copper, zinc, cadmium and lead in a fish otolith certified reference material by isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry using off-line solvent extraction.
This certified reference material is 100% compatible with all makes of instruments and probes.
A certified reference material is a small sample of metal which is carefully analysed so that it can be used in laboratories to help standardise analytical instruments.
The Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards and the National Metrology Institute of Japan developed both a pure substance C-peptide certified reference material and a reference measurement procedure that were listed by the JCTLM.
Transpiration is a systematic error that increases the concentration of a certified reference material as time passes.

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