certified reference material

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certified reference material (CRM),

a reference material documented by or traceable to a certificate or publication from a reputable source and that states the values of the properties concerned.

cer·ti·fied ref·er·ence ma·te·ri·al

(CRM) (sĕr'ti-fīd ref'rĕns mă-tēr'ē-ăl)
A reference material documented by or traceable to a certificate or publication from a reputable source and stating the values of the properties concerned.
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The accuracy of analytical method was determined with certified reference material DORM-2 (dogfish muscles) (Table 1).
This, in turn, has spurred global demand for and cooperation in certified reference materials activities on the international level.
Certified reference materials do more than provide a way of monitoring the quality of current methodologies, however.
Commutability of serum protein values: persisting bias among manufacturers using values assigned from the certified reference material 470 (CRM 470) in the United States.
If necessary, it may be feasible to get some idea of the comparability of measurement results of any given method with others obtained elsewhere by measuring certified reference materials or by comparing the method against one for which the validation has been carried out.
Therefore ERM-DA472/IFCC, the certified reference material for CRP, was produced as a liquid-frozen material containing only pentameric CRP.
As a certified reference material producer, the combined accreditations demonstrate the highest level of quality assurance, accuracy and traceability for ATCC customers.
Cerilliant's Certified Reference Material of acetyl fentanyl in methanol at a concentration of 1.
The new FDA guidelines stipulate that cCRP assays should be standardized to Certified Reference Material 470, whereas the hsCRP assays, at minimum, should be traceable to Certified Reference Material 470.
In the February issue of this journal, Bunk and Welch (11) reported the characterization of a new certified reference material for human cardiac troponin I.
Certified reference material is inserted in the sample sequence for quality control.

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