certified prosthetist

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cer·ti·fied pros·the·tist

(CP) (sĕr'ti-fīd pros'thĕ-tist)
A maker and fitter of prosthetic devices who has passed certification according to the standards of one of the several licensing bodies.
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Art Shea, certified prosthetist and orthotist, New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems, Worcester
Initially, an experienced, certified prosthetist fitted all subjects bilaterally with Seattle Lightfoot II feet (Trulife USA; Poulsbo, Washington) having the manufacturer's recommended keel stiffness based upon their weight and activity level.
Ray McKinney, certified prosthetist orthotist (CPO) of McKinney Prosthetics, and his partner in design, William Flemming, president of Dynaflo, have developed a vacuum suspension system to create a seal that securely holds the prosthesis to the limb.
Louis Givens is a Marine Corps veteran and Certified Prosthetist Orthotist who left private practice six years ago to serve his fellow veterans at the VA Polytrauma Center at Palo Alto, Calif.
"Francis Turtle's O&P lab is equipped with modern equipment and supplies," says the program's director, Joe Young, CPO (Certified Prosthetist Orthotist), who joined the faculty in 2004 after working for more than seven years in the field.

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