certified prosthetist

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cer·ti·fied pros·the·tist

(CP) (sĕr'ti-fīd pros'thĕ-tist)
A maker and fitter of prosthetic devices who has passed certification according to the standards of one of the several licensing bodies.
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Louis Givens is a Marine Corps veteran and Certified Prosthetist Orthotist who left private practice six years ago to serve his fellow veterans at the VA Polytrauma Center at Palo Alto, Calif.
Tom Chivers has joined the Jonesboro Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory as a certified prosthetist.
In addition to designing and fitting supportive braces or splints, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist Elizabeth Einset helps patients gain functionality and can correct and even prevent deformity.
For his patients, including Schaffhauser, Certified Prosthetist Mike Joyce is part of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team from the start.
A certified prosthetist * made custom bypass sockets for each nondisabled subject, consisting of clear thermoplastic sockets with an opening for their arm to exit.
Now, as a way to help amputees in Iraq, Cummings has teamed up with CPT Steve Lindsley, a certified prosthetist with the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Monroe, La.
I can answer them as a certified prosthetist, but I haven't been through it.

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