certified orthotist

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cer·ti·fied or·thot·ist

(CO) (sĕr'ti-fīd ōr-thot'ist)
A maker and fitter of orthotic devices who has passed certification according to the standards of one of the several national licensing bodies.
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In reference to the widely-cited interview of Mark Silva, a certified orthotist conducted by Baseball Prospectus contributor Will Carroll, I would like to make the following points.
As Noelle grew and developed, she began wearing a foot-leg brace known as boots & bars, prepared by a certified orthotist, Vincent Benenati.
Margolis is a certified orthotist and also a RESNA-certified assistive technology supplier and practitioner (ATS/ATP).
Luke Stikeleather, a certified orthotist in Fairfax, Virginia, says "My relationship with doctors is similar to that between a pharmacist and a physician.

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