certified music therapist

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certified music therapist (CMT),

n credential previously awarded (before January 1, 1998) by the American Association For Music Therapy upon completion of required train-ing and education. The National Music Therapy Registry lists music therapists who wish to maintain the designation.
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Patients were invited to participate in the study as part of their scheduled music therapy sessions, which were provided daily by a certified music therapist.
CUTLINE: (1) Cara Brindisi, a certified music therapist, works with John Gallagher, a former client, in his home.
Howland, a certified music therapist, brought her guitar and played and sang as she talked to the audience about the power of music to ease pain, help with physical therapy and help with despair.
According to the American Music Therapy Association website, students wishing to become certified music therapists must take courses in biology, music, music therapy, psychology, social and behavioral sciences and general studies, plus complete 1,200 hours of fieldwork, including an internship.
Music as therapy is nothing new: Traumatized soldiers returning from World War II were soothed with music in hospitals, and today there are more than 5,000 certified music therapists in the United States.

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