certified hand therapist

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cer·ti·fied hand ther·a·pist

(CHT) (sĕr'ti-fīd hand thār'ă-pĭst)
An occupational therapist who has been awarded a specialty certification in the area of hand rehabilitation.
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In 2014, she obtained the credential of Certified Hand Therapist. Her clinical experiences include school-based interventions, home health, and outpatient hand therapy.
A certified hand therapist is recognized by many professional organizations as a benchmark for excellence in upper extremity rehabilitation.
A certified hand therapist starts out as an occupational therapist or physical therapist but concentrates on the body parts from elbow to fingertips.
If there is a lot of inflammation or swelling, cold packs are actually more helpful," says Carol Page, PT, a certified hand therapist and clinical supervisor of hand therapy at HSS.
Norm Gustafson is a certified hand therapist at Canoe Creek Rehab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a faculty member at Kent State University.

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