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In order to contrast diverse beliefs or certainties about our finitude, I will shed light on the remarks that Antonio Machado made on the belief in one's own death by taking as reference Jose Ortega y Gasset's distinctions between "living faith" and "dead faith," and above all, between ideas and beliefs.
That physical objects exist is one of the certainties which "constitute what we mean by reality" (Le Roy Finch, 1977, p.
The issue that is the focus of Quitting Certainties concerns the inability of the traditional Bayesian updating rule to properly model claims that move from certainty to uncertainty.
At a time when unemployment remains high and America is facing an employment skills gap - which could leave 20 million jobs without enough qualified people to fill them by 20251 - Burrus and DeVry University urge employers, employees and educators alike to give serious consideration to these career-transforming Certainties.
We might want to describe some people's certainties as prejudices, but we usually see our own in a positive light.
Education or life experience may teach what Socrates meant: that the only thing to be certain of is that there are no certainties, that there are two sides to every question and more than one road to God, and that the honest admission in any disagreement is: ' .
We long to abolish the unknown and live only with certainties, but our certainties can soon turn to prejudice and intolerance.
Occasionally, ideas that seem open to challenge are similarly certainties.