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Gauze or cheesecloth impregnated with wax containing an antiseptic; used in surgical dressings.
[L. cera, wax]
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The pair slip into unconsciousness in the snow, and when they are discovered, Iras has undergone a startling transformation, now nothing more than "the mummy of a woman; a thing swathed and bandaged in cerements and dry as a stick, which had been dead for hundreds--nay, thousands--of years" (Douglas, 1896: 219).
- Sweden-based BoneSupport, a specialist in injectable bone substitutes for orthopedic trauma, bone infections and instrument augmentation related to orthopedic surgery, has presented data from the first US study of its Cerement with Gentamicin in an infected rat model, the company said on Tuesday.
It is the only active cerement plant in Afghanistan and the lease for the enterprise was granted to the AIC for 49 years seven years back.
He said that residents of the district had been kept deprived of the royalty of Qaboolkhel project and the due share in the profit/bonus of Lucky Cerement factory.
The tennure, the dervish's outfit, symbolises his cerement, and the cardigan he wears symbolises his tomb.
(16) Resolving March's anxiety about what to do with the fox-skin--its use as a fur-trophy is under ban--it functions instead as a death-shroud that "seemed to make a whole ruddy, fiery coverlet," a single cerement that wraps the two bodies together.
There will be at least 120 world leaders to represent their respective nations at the opening cerement in the evening.
A black lamb rose to cite the Devil--and disappeared, bier, cerement and coffin!
He asks Marina to tell his tale, claiming boldly that "the tyranny of silence is not lasting, / And, though events be hidden, just men's groans / Will burst all cerement, even a living grave's!" (III.i.79-81).
Amy Taubin is a contributing editor of Film Cerement and Sight and Sound.
doubts about what certain painted folds of drapery really conceal," do they have an alternative, non-phallic candidate for this nuisance that detains the cerement before its last cadence?
Many variables that cannot be included in our regressions account for lower employment levels in small Wages Councils (such as Coffin Furniture and Cerement Making) than in larger ones like the Retail Trades.