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The clinical symptoms observed in cases of cerebral thrombosis are not specific and may be overlooked.
In this study, the patients whom we followed up with a diagnosis of cerebral thrombosis in our clinic are presented and age and gender distribution, clinical findings, etiology, imaging findings, treatment and prognoses are discussed.
* Cerebral thrombosis. Cerebral thrombosis is the most common form of ischemic stroke.
A CEREBRAL thrombosis, in which a blood clot (thrombus) forms in a major artery leading to the brain, cutting off blood supply.
The brain may also be the seat of edema, in an eclamptic patient, or a cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage.
specifically warned physicians of the "statistically significant association between cerebral thrombosis and the use of oral contraceptives." In the "adverse effects" section of the Canadian equivalent of the PDR, Ortho Canada omitted any mention of cerebral thrombosis or stroke.
In patients with B thalassemia/hemoglobin E disease and alpha thalassemia, cerebral thrombosis was detected [12,13].
We present a case of acute cerebral thrombosis with OHSS following ovarian induction.
Perhaps, the saddest irony of all was that Johnnie Walker died from a cerebral thrombosis on July 7, 1944, shortly after the Normandy landings.
In this study the efficacy of T2 Gradient echo for diagnosing cerebral thrombosis has been assessed.
Significance of factor V, prothrombin, MTHFR, and PAI-1 ge notypes in childhood cerebral thrombosis. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost 2007; 13: 154-60.