cerebral lobes

lo·bi ce·re·bri

the major divisions of the cerebral hemisphere; these include the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes, named for the overlying bones of the skull, and the limbic lobe. The insula is also regarded as a lobe (lobus insularis [TA]) because it is separated from the frontal, parietal, and temporal opercula by the circular sulcus of the insula [TA] and composed of named gyri.
Synonym(s): cerebral lobes
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The cranial tomography showed calcifications in both cerebellar hemispheres, cerebral lobes, basal ganglia and posterior medulla oblongata (Figure)
These findings are coherent with the paradigm of neuropsychological alterations commonly associated with partial epilepsies, (15-20) and are specifically congruent with the knowledge that TLE produces alterations in specific functions associated with these cerebral lobes; in this case, functions of musical cognition.
Moreover, an extended excision of epileptogenic cortex or cerebral lobes is needed to achieve a better prognosis if the ECoG indicates the existence of an extra epilepsy onset origin outside the lesion itself.
Direct contrast neurotoxicity to the sensitive occipital cerebral lobes seemed to be the possible cause but the exact mechanism of cerebral injury remains unknown.