cerebral arterial circle

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a round figure, structure, or part.
Berry's c's charts with circles on them for testing stereoscopic vision.
cerebral arterial circle circle of Willis.
Minsky's circle a device for the graphic recording of eye lesions.
sensory circle a body area within which it is impossible to distinguish separately the impressions arising from two sites of stimulation.
circle of Willis the anastomotic loop of blood vessels near the base of the brain. Called also cerebral arterial circle.
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ce·re·bral ar·te·ri·al cir·cle

the roughly pentagonally shaped circle of vessels on the ventral aspect of the brain in the area of the optic chiasm, hypothalamus, and interpeduncular fossa; formed, sequentially and in an anterior to posterior direction, by the anterior communicating artery and by the two anterior cerebral, the two internal carotid, the two posterior communicating, and proximal segments of the two posterior cerebral arteries.
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There was no significant association with any variant of the AComA and any other anatomical variant in the anterior circulation of the cerebral arterial circle in the same patient.
The presence of anatomic variants characterized by the lack of collateral circulation increase the risk of ischemic events and a correlation between some anatomical variants of the cerebral arterial circle and the development of aneurysms lias been established (Dimmick & Faulder; Li et al.: Klimek-Piotrowska et al, 2013; Yi et al, 2016).
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