cerebral angiography

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ce·re·bral an·gi·og·ra·phy

radiographic visualization of the blood vessels supplying the brain, including their extracranial portions; the injection of contrast medium may be made percutaneously, by open exposure and puncture of the carotid artery or by catheterization after introduction of the catheter at a distant site.
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cerebral angiography

Imaging The injection of radiocontrast into the carotid artery, to evaluate the need for endarterectomy due to ASHD
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ce·re·bral an·gi·og·raphy

(serĕ-brăl an-jē-ogră-fē)
Radiographic visualization of the blood vessels supplying the brain, including their extracranial portions.
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Cerebral angiography

A medical test in which an x-ray visible dye is injected into blood vessels to allow them to be imaged on an x ray.
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Nominated in 1928 and in 1933, Moniz won the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine on 27th, October 1949, for the new surgical procedure that he introduced, pre frontal leucotomy, and not for his discovery of cerebral angiography. The Nobel authorities described his achievement as "one of the most important discoveries ever made in psychiatric medicine" (19) and awarded him the Nobel Prize for the "discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses" (21).
Cerebral angiography was performed under local and general anaesthesia as per procedure and patient cooperation.
For MRI/ MRA, although few studies have shown that brain death findings in MRI brain are very similar to the gold standard 4-vessel cerebral angiography, there are no confirmative studies which provide sufficient data to use MRI/A as an ancillary test [18, 19].
Chapter cerebral angiography, normal anatomy, and vascular pathology.
Clinical application of a vascular interventional robot in cerebral angiography. Int J Med Robot.
Digital subtraction cerebral angiography (DSA) showed multiple vascular lesions, including an obvious saccular aneurysm on the left anterior choroidal artery.
Other neuroimaging findings--magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA), magnetic resonance venography (MRV), and computed tomography angiography (CTA)--were consistent with moyamoya disease and confirmed by cerebral angiography (Figures 1, 2).
Nonetheless, diagnosis of these abnormalities in cases of vascular diseases such as arteriovenous malformations or aneurysms, before cerebral angiography, is important to avoid wrongly interpreting non-opacification of vertebral arteries as a blockage or stenosis that may prove dangerous during the endovascular surgeries in the head and neck region.
She is a chronic smoker and was investigated through computed tomography (CT), brain magnetic resonance imaging (Figure 2), angiotomography (Figure 3), and cerebral angiography. The complementary evaluation showed an aneurysmal dilatation on P2P segment in the right side.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or cerebral angiography may also check brain blood vessels.