adiposis cerebralis

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abnormal deposits or degeneration of fatty tissue.
adiposis cerebra´lis fatness from cerebral pituitary disease.
adiposis doloro´sa a painful condition due to pressure on nerves caused by fatty deposits.
adiposis hepa´tica fatty degeneration of liver.
adiposis tubero´sa simplex adiposis dolorosa in which the fatty degeneration occurs in nodular masses.
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ad·i·po·sis ce·re·bra·'lis

obesity resulting from intracranial disease, most commonly of the hypothalamus, resulting in hyperphagia.
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adiposis cerebralis

An anachronistic term which fills a lexical void for obesity secondary to a cerebral lesion.
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ad·i·po·sis ce·re·bra·lis

(adi-pōsis serĕ-brālis)
Obesity due to intracranial disease, usually the hypothalamus, resulting in hyperphagia.
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