A cerebellum-specific hexadecapeptide localized in the perikarya and dendrites of cerebellar Purkinje cells; used as a marker for Purkinje cell maturation studies of neural development.
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For example, incorporation of SS#2 in the L2 domain of neurexin 1a decreases its binding to [alpha]-dystroglycan, while SS#4 regulates the affinity of neurexins to postsynaptic partners such as neuroligins, LRRTMs, [alpha]-dystroglycan, cerebellin precursor protein, and latrophilin/ADGRL (recently reviewed by [23, 68, 75]).
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In addition, recently, four additional receptors have been identified which include Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule (DSCAM) [66], integrin [alpha]3[beta]1 and [alpha]6[beta]3 [67, 68], cerebellin 4 (CBLN4) [69] (Figure 2), and a controversial receptor adenosine receptor (A2bR) [70].