cerebellar hemisphere

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half of a spherical or roughly spherical structure or organ.
cerebral hemisphere one of the paired structures constituting the largest part of the brain, which together comprise the extensive cerebral cortex, centrum semiovale, basal ganglia, and rhinencephalon, and contain the lateral ventricle. See also brain.
cerebellar hemisphere either of the paired portions of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis.
dominant hemisphere the cerebral hemisphere that is more concerned than the other in the integration of sensations and the control of many functions. See also laterality.
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cer·e·bel·lar hem·i·sphere

(ser-ĕ-bel'ăr hem'is-fēr)
The large part of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis cerebelli.
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An obtained cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at that time revealed a symmetric hyperintensity in both cerebellar hemispheres (Figure 1(a)).
The latter, applied on the right cerebellar hemisphere, was able to decrease acquisition of CR [23].
The right vertebral angiography has shown the right PICA crossing midline and then capillary filling of both cerebellar hemispheres on capillary phase, which is called bihemispheric PICA.
MR (Figure 1) demonstrated a heterogeneously hyperintense lesion on DWI without restriction in the superior portion of the right cerebellar hemisphere measuring 4.6 x 2.7 x 2.2 cm.
Cerebellar hemisphere tissues were sagitally cryosectioned (10 [micro]m) from 2-2.25 mm lateral of mid-line and fixed with 3% paraformaldehyde.
Negative indirect hemagglutination (IHA) test neurocysticercosis in a buddhist's cerebellar hemisphere. Pak J Med Sci 2012;28(3):522-524
The computed tomography (CT) scan has shown an area of hypodensity in the left middle cerebellar peduncle, also involving the left side of the pons and the deep white matter of the left cerebellar hemisphere (Figure 1).
An MRI of the brain showed two focal lesions of the medulloblastoma in the right cerebellar hemisphere. After prolonged treatment for migraine he was finally diagnosed as having a brain tumor.
The mass indented the left cerebellar hemisphere posteriorly and extended laterally to the mastoid air cells (figure 1, B).
The tumor had a soft consistency and appeared cystic in one of its extremes; it indented the inferior surface of the left cerebellar hemisphere and displaced the medulla toward the contralateral side.