cerebellar hemisphere

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half of a spherical or roughly spherical structure or organ.
cerebral hemisphere one of the paired structures constituting the largest part of the brain, which together comprise the extensive cerebral cortex, centrum semiovale, basal ganglia, and rhinencephalon, and contain the lateral ventricle. See also brain.
cerebellar hemisphere either of the paired portions of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis.
dominant hemisphere the cerebral hemisphere that is more concerned than the other in the integration of sensations and the control of many functions. See also laterality.

cer·e·bel·lar hem·i·sphere

(ser-ĕ-bel'ăr hem'is-fēr)
The large part of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis cerebelli.
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A correlative proton MR Spectroscopy (1H MRS) exam was performed on the abnormal area in the right superior cerebellar hemisphere using both short and long echo times (TE) of 144 and 35 ms, respectively (Figure 2).
We present a case of NCC in a buddust's cerebellar hemisphere, who underwent a craniectomy treatment under the suspected diagnosis with negative indirect hemagglutination test.
Found trends and equations can help guide to develop a computer model integrating the morphometric characteristics of rat cerebellar hemisphere.
Tumor-like lesions were found in the right cerebellar hemisphere and pons on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [Figure 1]a,[Figure 1]b,[Figure 1]c,[Figure 1]d.
A repeat CT scan of the brain (Figure 2) on day 5 demonstrated development of extensive white matter abnormality predominantly within the frontoparietal lobes of the cerebrum bilaterally with mild white matter abnormality within the occipital lobes and left cerebellar hemisphere.
Multiple acute infarcts in the right anterior and posterosuperior cerebellar hemisphere and the left occipital lobe indicated that also other arteries originating from the vertebro-basilary blood supply were involved in this event.
The mass indented the left cerebellar hemisphere posteriorly and extended laterally to the mastoid air cells (figure 1, B).
Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed marked atrophy of the cerebellar hemisphere and vermis with no evidence of abnormalities in supratentorial and brainstem structures [Figure 1].
A moderately enhancing heterogeneous lesion with diffusion restriction, perilesional oedema, and mass effect in left cerebellar hemisphere of 4 years male child was diagnosed as high-grade glioma by MRI, but turned out to be medulloblastoma at HPE.
Third patient with right hemiparesis, showed atrophy of the left cerebral hemisphere, right side of brain stem and right cerebellar hemisphere.
Adjusted analyses estimated for a unit (micrograms per deciliter) increase in mean childhood blood lead concentrations, a decrease of NAA and Cr concentration levels in the basal ganglia, a decrease of NAA and a decrease of Cho concentration levels in the cerebellar hemisphere, a decrease of GLX concentration levels in vermis, a decrease of Cho and a decrease of GLX concentration levels in parietal white matter, and a decrease of Cho concentration levels in frontal white matter.