cerebellar fossa

cer·e·bel·lar fos·sa

the large concave impressions on the inner surface of the occipital bone on either side of the foramen magnum and internal occipital crest, housing the cerebellar hemispheres; a part of the posterior cranial fossa.
Synonym(s): fossa cerebellaris [TA]
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posterior cranial fossa

The posteriormost of the three divisions of the internal cranial base, which houses the inferior face of the cerebellum posteriorly and the pons and medulla oblongata anteriorly. The floor of the fossa is the largest and deepest depression of the inner surface of the base of the brain, and is covered by dura mater. The posterior cranial fossa is bounded anteriorly by the dorsum sellae of the sphenoid bone; laterally by the superior margin of the petrous part of the temporal bone and the mastoid angle of the parietal bone; and posteriorly by the squamous part of the occipital bone below the transverse sinuses.
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The objective of this study is to complement the data collected in previous researchs being studied the possible biometrical relation between the cephalic index, the cerebellar fossa, clivus and the basilar artery in the studied specimens.
In the dolicho- mesocephalic group (DM) the basilar artery (AB) presents-displays a length average of 33.3 mm for a length of clivus of 55.7, wide of the cerebellar fossa of 106.1 mm and height of 44.0 mm.

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