cerebellar fissures

cer·e·bel·lar fis·sures

the deep furrows that divide the lobules of the cerebellum.
See also: postcentral fissure, primary fissure of cerebellum, secondary fissure [TA] of cerebellum.
Synonym(s): fissurae cerebelli [TA]
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While brain MRIs were repeatedly normal during the first two years of life, an MRI at 29 months of age showed prominence of cerebellar fissures with a normal brainstem, consistent with cerebellar atrophy (Figure 1(a)).
Lateral view of the brain: A= cerebrum, B= optic lobe, C= cerebellum, D= medulla oblongata, E= spinal cord, 1=wulst, 2= vallecula, 3= olfactory nerve, 4= olfactory lobe, 5= orbital print, 6= lateral part of transverse fissure, 7= optic tract, 8= optic chiasm, 9= optic nerve, 10= infundibulum, 11= hypothysis,12= midbrain, 13= pons, 14= trigeminal nerve, 15= cerebellar fissures, 16= cerebellar lobe.
The left cerebellar hemisphere is also dysplastic and large with widened cerebellar fissures and folia (Figure 2).

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