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Global warming and temperature mediated-increases in cercarial emergence in trematode parasites.
12: cercarial body showing tegument covered with large spines distributed in 9-10 transverse rows between anterior organ and ventral sucker; 13: cercarial body showing the penetration gland-cells.
The DNA sequence of the cercarial larva isolated from the snail was identical to that of P.
The most effective current management strategies for delusional infestations include empathetic history-taking and active listening to the patient; careful exclusion of true parasitoses, such as mite infestations and cercarial dermatitis, and neurodegenerative or cerebrovascular disorders; and a therapeutic regimen that includes a second-generation neuroleptic agent.
The Hydrobia ulvaeMaritrema subdolum association: influence of temperature salinity light water-pressure and secondary host exudates on cercarial emergence and longevity.
Schistosoma mansoni blockage of cercarial skin penetration by chemical agents: I.
Schistosomes in the southwest United States and their potential for causing cercarial dermatitis or 'swimmers itch.
Test of cercarial photobehavior in a simulated natural light field
A 0- to 3-day time window of interest for skin rash was based on prior studies of outbreaks of cercarial dermatitis, which generally occurs within the first 2 days of water recreation [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1992; Hoeffler 1977; Mulvihill and Burnett 1990].
The shaved skin was moistened with aquarium water and cercarial suspension (1 ml/animal) was placed through plastic ring.
Cercarial dermatitis, also known as swimmer's itch, is a maculopapular inflammation characterized by pain, prickling, and pruritus.