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(rē-sep'tŏr, tōr),
1. A structural protein molecule on the cell surface or within the cytoplasm that binds to a specific factor, such as a drug, hormone, antigen, or neurotransmitter.
2. Any one of the various sensory nerve endings in the skin, deep tissues, viscera, and special sense organs.
[L. receiver, fr. recipio, to receive]
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An older term for:
(1) Receptor; 
(2) Sense organ.
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(sep'tor) [L. receptor, receiver] Receptor (2).

chemical ceptor

A ceptor that detects chemical changes in the body.

contact ceptor

A ceptor that receives stimuli contributed by direct physical contact.

distance ceptor

A ceptor that perceives stimuli remote from the immediate environment.
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Sea Ceptor will initially be used on the Navy's Type 23 frigates, but in the future it could be adapted for use by the Army and RAF.
Billed as is the first serious development of the Inter ceptor for more than30 years, it is powered by a 6.0-litre, 414bhp, V8 engine mated toa five-speed automatic gearbox.
"This will enable Ceptor and its experienced management team to continue executing on its business plan unabated.
The Sea Ceptor system, which utilizes MBDA's next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), is being fitted to replace the Sea Wolf weapon system on the Type 23 frigates as part of their life-extension program, MBDA noted.
The 'Type-26' class' strong air defence capability is provided by a 48-cell vertical launcher for the MBDA Sea Ceptor SAM.
Mr Hammond, speaking at the Defence Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair at London's ExCel Centre, said the Sea Ceptor "will play a vital role in protecting frigates".
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Significantly, Sea Ceptor is also planned to be the principal air defence system on the successor Type 26 Global Combat Ship and it is also thought it could be adapted for use by the army on land.
Fired from warships, the Sea Ceptor will be capable of travelling at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 3.
An official presentation took place at the recent spring SEAT fleet forum, which took place at Walton Hall Hotel, near Stratford-upon-Avon, where Geoff received his award - a Casio Wave Ceptor watch from Simon Kennedy, network fleet development manager for SEAT UK.
The New Brunswick, N.J.-based biotechnology company (through its Ceptor unit) has applied for orphan drug status for Myodur, a drug for muscular dystrophy.