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(rē-sep'tŏr, tōr),
1. A structural protein molecule on the cell surface or within the cytoplasm that binds to a specific factor, such as a drug, hormone, antigen, or neurotransmitter.
2. Any one of the various sensory nerve endings in the skin, deep tissues, viscera, and special sense organs.
[L. receiver, fr. recipio, to receive]


An older term for:
(1) Receptor; 
(2) Sense organ.


(sep'tor) [L. receptor, receiver] Receptor (2).

chemical ceptor

A ceptor that detects chemical changes in the body.

contact ceptor

A ceptor that receives stimuli contributed by direct physical contact.

distance ceptor

A ceptor that perceives stimuli remote from the immediate environment.
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Investment in advanced defence technology, such as Sea Ceptor, is vital to ensure the Royal Navy's continued ability to defend the UK's interests wherever necessary.
The Sea Ceptor system, which utilizes MBDA's next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), is being fitted to replace the Sea Wolf weapon system on the Type 23 frigates as part of their life-extension program, MBDA noted.
Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor use innovative radar and datalink technology to guide the CAMM with incredible accuracy.
The 'Type-26' class' strong air defence capability is provided by a 48-cell vertical launcher for the MBDA Sea Ceptor SAM.
This is a very important contract to develop the Sea Ceptor which is a next-generation system for the Royal Navy," said Nick Neale, who runs the missile programme.
Sea Ceptor will initially be used on the Navy's Type 23 frigates but could be adapted for use by the Army and the RAF.
Sea Ceptor is one of MBDA's most recent product developments and is now being delivered to the UK's Royal Navy to replace its MBDA Seawolf air defence systems currently deployed on its Type 23 destroyers.
The forward superstructure block features the bridge with extending lateral wings, covered by satellite communications, the Sea Ceptor SAM datalink antennae and the main forward mast which has a reduced RCS compared to the forward mast equipping the 'Duke class.
The cutting-edge pounds 485million Sea Ceptor will be fitted to a new fleet of warships.
com/reports/c75128) has announced the addition of CepTor Corp - Product Pipeline Report to their offering.
MBDA has designed and built the advanced Sea Ceptor air defence missile system in the UK.
Regarding the Type-997/ARTISAN (Advanced Radar Target Indication Situational Awareness and Navigation) radars which are equipping the Royal Navy's 'Duke' class frigates, the radar is currently being qualified to work with the MBDA Sea Ceptor SAM which will replace that company's Sea Wolf SAMs currently used by the 'Duke' classfrom 2016.