Relating to both head and tail, that is, to the long axis of the body.
[cephalo- + L. cauda, tail]
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FOR S1 ROOT, C-arm fluoroscopic beam would be directed in cephalocaudal and lateral to medial direction
Note the pronounced erythematous confluent macules and patches on face and subsequently a cephalocaudal spread onto the trunk and extremities.
Cephalocaudal progression of neonatal jaundice (Kramer's rule) is well known1.
This include cephalocaudal staging of jaundice and TcB reference devices.
Estimated post voiding bladder volume was calculated using the formula, D1xD2xD3x0.9 (D1: the widest diameter in the transverse scan, D2: anteroposterior diameter in the longitudinal scan, D3: cephalocaudal diameter in the longitudinal scan) (7).
where D1 = widest diameter in the transverse scan, D2 = anterior-posterior diameter in the longitudinal scan, and D3 = cephalocaudal diameter in the longitudinal scan.
To visualize the three lateral abdominal wall muscles, namely, the external oblique, internal oblique, and transversus abdominis muscle, the location of the probe was optimized by shifting it in the cephalocaudal or anteriorposterior directions or by shifting its angle.
L was determined from the cephalocaudal axis; W and APD were measured in the axial plane slice which was showing the largest diameter of the lesion.
Characteristic clinical features include cephalocaudal spread, keratotic follicular papules, well-demarcated orange/red plaques, fine scale, islands of sparing, erythroderma, and palmoplantar keratoderma.
This included the presence of prominent islands of sparing, the red-to-salmon scaling patches with follicular papules, the waxy erythema of her palms, and the cephalocaudal progression of her rash.
At the 3-4th of development, as a result of cephalocaudal and lateral foldings of the embryo, a portion of the endoderm-lined yolc sac cavity is incorporated in the embryo to from the primitive gut.