Denoting members of the protozoan suborder Cephalina (order Eugregarinida), characterized by bodies divided into chambers (anterior protomerite and posterior deutomerite, or anterior epimerite, protomerite, and terminal deutomerite); all are parasites of invertebrates.
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In the earlier assays whole blood or plasma was supplemented with triggers such as TF or cephaline as a source of PL combined with calcium chloride to initiate coagulation.
The plantation owner's daughter Cephaline, whom Moinette serves as a maid, remarks that their tasks are ultimately the same: both will be expected to perform for men.
Si le temps de cephaline est prolonge, indiquant qu'il y a eu administration d'heparine Durant la pose du catheter, on peut administrer de la protamine, selon les directives du medecin traitant, afin de maitriser le saignement.