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cen·tum (c),

One hundred.
[L. one hundred]


(c) (sen'tŭm)
L. hundred.
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He said Centum has been picked as the lead partner owing to its "sound and honest development pacts and which shares the dream of realising the immense benefits to be accrued in the full implementation of the project.
He compares Centum with Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, but contrasts the way the latter can invest in companies with a good track record while in Kenya his company actually has to build them.
The latest Centum release features a new processor module with a Yokogawa designed microprocessor that employs large-scale integration (LSI).
Centum will continue to focus on quality and address the unique challenges facing the youth.
Centum has four manufacturing facilities in Bangalore.
This is the second time a Centum system has received this honour, which is the highest Machine Industry Design Award; the Centum-XL distributed control system won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in 1989, the statement said.
Summary: James Mworia, CEO of Centum, spoke to Banker Africa about the company's newly announced education project and its overall investment strategies
Sanjeev Duggal, CEO and director, Centum Learning, said, " We are happy that our PM is personally leading the skilling movement, which has been recognised as an agent of social and economic transformation in India.
Dubai: Investbridge Capital (IBC) and Centum Investment Company (Centum) have partnered with Sabis Holdings (Sabis) to launch a new company that will invest in the education sector in Africa.
Of course, all of this is music to the ears of Jurassic World's licensees, including Hasbro, LEGO Group, Centum Books, Rubie's Costumes and Dreamtex, to name a few.
Centum Real Estate Group announced the following sales:
Kenya-based investment firm, Centum, has exited its holdings in UAP Holdings Ltd.