centrum semiovale

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cen·trum sem·i·o·va·'le

the great mass of white matter comprising the interior of the cerebral hemisphere; the name refers to the general shape of this white core in axial (horizontal) sections of the hemisphere.
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centrum semiovale

The mass of white matter at the center of each cerebral hemisphere.
See also: centrum
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Vicq d'Azyr,

Félix, French anatomist, 1748-1794.
Vicq d'Azyr bundle - a compact, thick bundle of nerve fibers that passes from the mamillary body to terminate in the anterior nucleus of the thalamus. Synonym(s): mamillothalamic fasciculus
Vicq d'Azyr centrum semiovale - the great mass of white matter composing the interior of the cerebral hemisphere. Synonym(s): centrum semiovale
Vicq d'Azyr foramen - a small triangular depression at the lower boundary of the pons that marks the upper limit of the median fissure of the medulla oblongata. Synonym(s): foramen cecum medullae oblongatae


Raymond de, French anatomist, 1641-1715.
valve of Vieussens - a prominent valve in the great cardiac vein where it turns around the obtuse margin to become the coronary sinus.
Vieussens annulus - Synonym(s): Vieussens ring
Vieussens ansa - Synonym(s): Vieussens loop
Vieussens centrum - the great mass of white matter composing the interior of the cerebral hemisphere. Synonym(s): centrum semiovale
Vieussens foramina - a number of fossae in the wall of the right atrium, containing the openings of minute intramural veins. Synonym(s): foramina of the venae minimae
Vieussens ganglia - the largest and highest group of prevertebral sympathetic ganglia, located on the superior part of the abdominal aorta, on either side of the origin of the celiac artery. Synonym(s): celiac ganglia
Vieussens isthmus - Synonym(s): Vieussens ring
Vieussens limbus - Synonym(s): Vieussens ring
Vieussens loop - a nerve cord connecting the middle cervical and stellate sympathetic ganglia, forming a loop around the subclavian artery. Synonym(s): ansa subclavia; Vieussens ansa
Vieussens ring - a muscular ring surrounding the fossa ovalis in the wall of the right atrium of the heart. Synonym(s): limbus fossae ovalis; Vieussens annulus; Vieussens isthmus; Vieussens limbus
Vieussens valve - the thin layer of white matter stretching between the two superior cerebellar peduncles forming the roof of the superior recess of the fourth ventricle. Synonym(s): superior medullary velum
Vieussens veins - the small superficial veins of the heart. Synonym(s): innominate cardiac veins
Vieussens ventricle - a slitlike, fluid-filled space of variable width between the left and right transparent septum. Synonym(s): cavity of septum pellucidum
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measured DTI indices in the centrum semiovale and found both decreased FA values and increased ADC values in SPMS when compared to RRMS [43].
However, the involvement of the corpus callosum which was frequently reported did not appear in all cases in the present study.[sup][34],[37] The isolated involvement of the centrum semiovale, internal capsule, and the periventricular area appeared in the present study as well as in other reports.[sup][38],[39]
Increased Lac in WM hyperintensities,13 and in the anterior portion of centrum semiovale as compared to the posterior portion has been recorded in CADASIL patients.17 Desmond et al.
Multiple focal areas of hyperintensity on T2W1/FLAIR are seen in the periventricular white matter, subcortical white matter, centrum semiovale and corona radiata which are hypointense on T1W1 not showing restriction of diffusion most likely suggestive of old white-matter ischaemic changes.
Five of the nine patients had abnormal multiple scattered long T1 and T2 signals in the bilateral corona radiata and centrum semiovale and four had abnormal multiple stippled long T1 and T2 signals in the bilateral basal ganglia and centrum semiovale.
They are seen in the periventricular regions, centrum semiovale, basal ganglia, brainstem and cerebellum.
MRI scan of the brain revealed slightly hyperintensity in T2-weighted or FLAIR images of corpus callosum, the head of right caudate nucleus, cingulate gyrus, and centrum semiovale [Figure 2]a.
MRI Brain revealed multiple ill-defined T2 and FLAIR hyper-intense lesions in the right frontal and parietal sub-cortical white matter, left centrum semiovale and right callososeptal interface (Fig.
Brain computed tomography revealed symmetrical areas of calcification in bilateral basal ganglia, thalamus, centrum semiovale, midbrain, and cerebellum [Figure 1]a,[Figure 1]b,[Figure 1]c,[Figure 1]d.
4: Axial CT at the level of centrum semiovale shows the diffuse hypodense cortical white matter.
CT scan revealed multiple symmetric intracerebral calcifications in both hemispheres (striatum, thalamus, periventricular white matter, centrum semiovale, corona radiata, and subcortical white matter) and in cerebellum (in dentate nucleus).
Multislice CT revealed a well defined thin walled irregularly marginated necrotic SOL of size 27x32mm with surrounding edema in left area centrum semiovale causing compression of underlying lateral ventricle with marked shift of midline structures to right side [Figure 1].

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