centrifugal analyzer

centrifugal analyzer,

equipment that uses centrifugal force to mix a sample aliquot, or portion, with a reagent and a spinning rotor and to pass the reaction mixture through a detector.
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Part 1: Ultracentrifugal ultrasonic centrifugal analyzer with photometric features,
Evaluation of the IFCC-recommended procedure for serum aspartate aminotransferase as modified for use with the centrifugal analyzer.
The Analyst(R) is a compact centrifugal analyzer capable of performing 14 different blood chemistry tests in 8-10 minutes.
Automated instruments, such as the centrifugal analyzer, promised to take the time and drudgery out of lab work.
Upon his return to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Burtis became the group leader of the Centrifugal Analyzer Group in the Molecular Anatomy Program.
Our 500-bed hospital laboratory was responding inadequately to an increased therapeutic drug monitoring demand with a five-year-old labor-intensive centrifugal analyzer.
Recently, Kessler and coworkers (9,10) introduced a laser-induced fluorescence system coupled to an automated centrifugal analyzer as a nonimmunologic assay for urinary albumin.
Some historians of automation might look back to the centrifugal analyzer as the first challenge to multichannel analysis, but there is now at least one example of this technology that provides a profile of analytes on a single sample (1).
Immunoturbidimetric assays for serum apolipoproteins A1 and B using Cobas Bio centrifugal analyzer.
A spectrophotometric assay based on this method, using a Cobas centrifugal analyzer (Roche Diagnostics), has been in use in this laboratory for the past several years (3).
Automated latex agglutination immunoassay of serum ferritin with a centrifugal analyzer.