(sen-trā'lis), This form of the adjective is used with masculine nouns (canalis centralis, plural canales centrales) and feminine nouns (fovea centralis, plural foveae centrales). With neuter nouns the form centrale is used (os centrale, plural ossa centralis). The final e of centrale is not silent.
Central; in the center.
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Poker Centralis the world's only 24/7 PokerTM TV network.
Moreover, the liver of pregnant females exposed to 400 ppm propineb showed a dilatation of the wall of the liver vena centralis lobule, as well as irregularity and degeneration of hepatocytes around the vein [49].
19) Additionally, loss or weakness of the junctions performing this barrial function was found in fovea centralis.
Commissio Centralis Praeparatoria Concilii Vaticani II (Vatican City: Typis Vaticanis, 1969) 2/4:816-19; and in a revised form that went to the Council members, in Acta commissionum et secretariatum 3/2:454-57.
In developed countries, the sales volume of medicines for depression and anxiety disorder amounts to 45% of market share of nervous centralis medicines.
11 2 Dryomys nitedula 11 0 Microtus ilaeus 39 17 ([section]) Microtus gregalis 0 1 Mus musculus 3 10 Myodes centralis 1 31 Rattus turkestanicus 26 0 Rattus norvegicus 1 0 Cricetulus sp.
centralis occurs mainly in lowland forests (Woodman, 2003) from southern Mexico to southeastern Peru (Simmons, 2005); most captures of the species have been of single individuals.
Mumbai, Dec 14 (ANI/Business Wire India): Volk Optical has expanded its laser therapy lens offerings with the HR Centralis, providing detailed views of the central retina and posterior pole.
The fovea centralis contains only cones and displays the greatest visual acuity and the cone:fibre convergence ratio is 1:1.
CENTRALIS has appointed Robert Greenslade as UK sales and marketing manager.

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