central processing unit

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central processing unit (cpu, CPU)

the component of a computer that controls the encoding and execution of instructions, consisting mainly of an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic functions, and an internal memory, which controls the sequencing of operations. Also called processor.

central processing unit (CPU),

n the primary processor of a computer, containing the internal memory unit (memory), arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and input/output control unit (I/O control).
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Commenting on the completion of the structure, Sulaiman Al Siksek, chief programmes officer at ADAC, said: "We are delighted to have achieved this milestone, as we can now move forward with the closure of the central processor area by completing all de-propping works for the roof by the end of this month.
The company determined it will not only slash its cost of using MIPS on central processors, but avert an impending MIPS use overage and associated cost penalties.
This signal may be sent to a central processor in its "raw" form or conditioned by a preprocessor.
Based on a powerful central processor from Intel(R) and featuring Microsoft Corp.
Unlike any approach to date that attempts to offload processing from a System z central processor, or CP, to IBM specialty processors such as System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) or System z Application Assist Processors (zAAP), zPrime easily enables the shift of huge amounts of routine workloads running on CPs to these equally-fast but lower-cost specialty processors.
Abu Dhabi Airports have declared that the steel structure of the new Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) central processor roof has now been finished after the setup of the last piece of metal in the roof of the iconic building.
AMD's industry-leading Direct Connect Architecture helps reduce the bottlenecks inherent in traditional front-side bus architectures by directly connecting processors, memory and I/O to each central processor unit to enable improved overall system performance and efficiency.
Powered by fast and reliable 900MHz wireless communication technology, Wireless Miro offers unprecedented control capabilities, without control wiring, central processor or power line carrier, or elaborate programming software and tools.
Additionally, its revolutionary heat monitoring technology provides feedback to the central processor allowing the light source to maintain a safe operating temperature.
The scope of the public contract is as follows:- Hardware: Central Processor (CPS), double system including a monitor for TWR 1 receiver (Rx) for sand habitats in south-NEO version without antenna and lead, 1 receiver (Rx) for habitat BUKOP-west in the design clams, complete assembly,- Software: One set of software version 3.
It also offers full networking capability using a peer-to-peer architecture in place of slower-moving master-slave configurations that require central processor intervention and additional overhead during each transaction.
Central Processor (minimum Intel Core i3 or equivalent) 2.

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