central retinal fovea

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cen·tral ret·i·nal fo·ve·a

a depression in the center of the macula retinae containing only cones and lacking blood vessels.
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cen·tral ret·i·nal fo·ve·a

(sen'trăl ret'i-năl fō'vē-ă) [TA]
A depression in the center of the macula retinae containing only cones and lacking blood vessels.
Synonym(s): fovea centralis maculae luteae [TA] .
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The Arras Zone projects near surface to the southeast of the West Pit in the Central Pit area.
"Geological exploration was done only within the quarry, in the flanks of the Central Pit, Southwest Pit, and North-Eastern Working Zones in 841 hectares out of total 26,000 hectares.
Of note: The high grade zone below the Western Queen Central Pit is based on an inferred mineral resources of 130,000t at 9.0g/t Au for 38,000 ounces.
The firm has also started a new investigation into a potential Homase Central pit, where AngloGold Ashanti Ltd produced 52,000 ounces of gold in 2002 and 2003.
The company was granted the mine permit for the Limon Central Pit in Nicaragua and is currently finalizing a positive El Limon Mine expansion study, expected to be released in the second-half of October.
There are three main areas to the Hollinger Mine: the 92 pit to the south of the property, the Central pit to the northeast, and Millerton.
Occator itself is 60 miles (90 kilometers) in diameter, and its central pit, covered by this bright material, measures about 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide and 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers) deep.
The installation incorporates an abrasive recovery system which collects steel shot in the floor of the booth and transports it by screw conveyors to a central pit. The shot is then lifted by bucket elevator into an air wash separator, which removes dust and paint particles, before returning the shot to a storage hopper for loading into the blast pot.
The 2013 production guidance was achieved due to mining carried out in the high-grade SB Zone of the Central Pit. According to preliminary estimates, the Kumtor mine will produce between 550,000 and 600,000 ounces or 17.1 to 18.7 tonnes of gold in 2014 and, similar to 2013, over 50% of this gold production is expected during the fourth quarter when mining will reach the high-grade section of the SB Zone.
In addition to a pheromone dispenser, the pyramid-shaped trap sports three slender fins along each edge of its base to coax inquisitive beetles into crawling towards the opening of a central pit, where they can be captured, counted, and discarded.

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