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 (Co) [ko´bawlt]
a chemical element, atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.933. (See Appendix 6.)
cobalt 57 a radioisotope of cobalt, atomic mass 57, having a half-life of 270 days; used as a label for cyanocobalamin. Symbol 57Co.
cobalt 60 a radioisotope of cobalt, atomic mass 60, having a half-life of 5.27 years and a principal gamma ray energy of 1.33 MeV; used as a radiation therapy source. Symbol 60Co.

conscientious objection

an appeal to conscience in refusing to do, or seeking exemption from, acts that threaten a person's sense of integrity. Patients as well as physicians and nurses may appeal to conscience in refusing treatment or procedures. Called also conscientious refusal.
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Symbol for carbon monoxide.


Symbol for cobalt; coccygeal; coenzyme.
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Abbreviation for:
C oxidase
cabinet office (Medspeak-UK)
capital out-turn (Medspeak-UK)
cardiac output
casualty officer
Certified Orthotist
cervical orthosis
chief officer (Medspeak-UK)
childhood onset
cholesterol oxidase
coconut oil
complains of (Medspeak-UK)
complete occlusion
contract officer
coronary occlusion
course organiser (Medspeak-UK)
cumulus oophorus
cytochrome oxidase
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Abbreviation for carbon monoxide; cardiac output; certified orthotist.


Symbol for cobalt;abbreviation for coccygeal
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Abbreviation for carbon monoxide.
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Q. Does other illness co-occur with Bipolar Disorder. My friend affected by Bipolar disorder, alcohol and drugs are more common for him. Does other illness co-occur with Bipolar Disorder?

A. there are some complications that bipolar disorder may cause, they are not really illnesses:

Substance and alcohol abuse
Financial problems
Relationship troubles
Poor work or school performance

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As the map suggests, the central office leaders play an important role in the exchange of expertise related to research evidence, given both the ties to the central office and the number of larger central office (red) nodes.
The central office mounts regular, sophisticated television campaigns and produces the corporate flyers.
The central office would manage small arms and light weapons the same as mobility equipment.
Because there is no need to send documents by regular mail or overnight express within the state, both the central office and the local agencies are saving the cost of postage.
The committee consists of teachers, principals from each of the different kinds of schools (elementary, middle, and high), and a facilitator from the central office. In the fall of 2005 the same survey was administered to all employees in the Piedmont Public School District during faculty meetings.
Among schools all across Milwaukee that autumn, word about the test-box rebellion spread quickly, if only because acts of subversion were such rarities in a system where power was closely held by bureaucrats and where schools were expected to respect, honor, and obey the central office.
First, one must have the support of the central office, the school administration, and the school's faculty and staff.
Elizabeth Fuller has joined AgHeritage Farm Credit Services as mortgage loan processor in the central office in Little Rock.
There is the T/1E/1 and T3 Analyzer, the Digital Central Office Switch Simulator & Bulk Call Generator (DCOSS), and the Analog Test Set (ATS).
CAN someone please explain to Michael Howard that Imperialism is finally dead?The way Conservative Central Office is committed to imposing an England-based Westminster candidate on the Ynys Mon Conservative Association is nothing more than a disgrace.
K.20 addresses central office switching equipment including line cards, modems, splitters and multiplexers; K.21 specifies requirements for customer premises equipment including modems, fax machines, caller ID boxes, voice-over-IP appliances and PBX equipment; and K.45 covers the requirements for equipment installed between a central office and customer premises.

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