central lobule of cerebellum

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cen·tral lob·ule of cer·e·bel·lum

a division of the superior vermis of the cerebellum between the lingula and the culmen consisting of lobules II and III.

central lobule of cerebellum

A small lobe at the anterior part of the superior vermiform process.
See also: lobule
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Central lobule 0-Absent; 1-jagged; 2- format triangular; 3-semi-circular; 4- semi-elliptical; 5-elliptical; 6- lanceolate; 7-oblong and lanceolate; 8-linear and wide; 9- linear and narrow.
Ripe Mostly spermatozoa found in the central lobules and in the lumen of the lobule; all or later stages of spermatogenesis occurring in the peripheral lobules.

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