central lacteal

cen·tral lac·te·al

the blindly ending lymphatic capillary in the center of an intestinal villus.
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These changes included: scattered arrangement of liver cells, increased intercellular cleft, swollen nuclei, blurred cell boundary, central venous congestion, villi edema and fracture, the central lacteal dispersion (which can hurt villous microcirculation), and loosened arrangement of columnar epithelial cells (which can affect the immune activity of intestinal mucosa).
In detail, these effects included: neat arrangement of liver cells from the central vein towards the surrounding region as the control, reduced intercellular cleft, clear cell boundary, dense arrangement of columnar cells in the intestinal villi, reduced villi fracture, and central lacteal dispersion.
Epithelial cell denatured, central lacteals disappeared, and a large number of leukocytes infiltrated in themodel group through light microscope observation.
Many characteristics generally found in mammals were also seen in bats, such as the presence of central lacteals in the lamina propria of the villi, and an outer muscular layer composed of a circular and a longitudinal layer, the former increasing in thickness as it approaches the large intestine.
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