central feature

central feature,

n in homeopathy, the most crucial or essential aspect of an inclusive hierarchy of information gathered to form a diagnosis. The central feature increases the likelihood of a successful prescription.
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Suggesting his decision to declare a fatwa was based on discussions with economic experts, he concluded bitcoin is not permissible as it undermines the state - a central feature in Islamic sharia.
15 groundbreaking is set for the planned 485-seat Park Theatre renovation project, aimed at bringing back to life what was a central feature of downtown Jaffrey for over 50 years.
The event is held in partnership with Dubai World Trade Centre and is a central feature of this year’s Dubai Summer Surprises.
A central feature light needs to be accompanied by lamps to illuminate dark corners and create a soft, welcoming ambience in a room.
ESAB's demo bus, which travels all around Europe, was a central feature of the open day.
It is ideal for a medium-sized garden as a backdrop along a border, or as a central feature in the middle of the lawn.
Mercedes Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (Xetra: DAI), is planning to continue co-branding with Nintendo by placing the GLA compact crossover as a central feature of a new Super Mario game.
The 2015 festival pays tribute to the innovation and achievements in motoring and motor sport by Mazda in its spectacular Central Feature.
It was a central feature in Parliament last week and it will be a major feature of the general election campaign because it revealed the damage that would be done to Scotland if we scrapped the Barnett formula and went down the route of only spending taxes that we raise in Scotland, or full fiscal autonomy as the SNP like to call it.
The author contends that the harvest setting of the story is a central feature of its theme.
Since his death in December we have been working to ensure that what has become a central feature of our village now continues.
The role of Emirati females in the expansion of Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) will be a central feature of a ceremony to celebrate the latest landmark of the UAE industrial flagship.

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