central complex

cen·tral com·plex

in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the structural complex of the enzyme and all of the enzyme's substrates (or the enzyme with all of the enzyme's products) equivalent to the binary complex for a one-substrate enzyme. Compare: binary complex, Michaelis complex.
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The complex includes the central complex building, two-storey and one-storey cottages built on wooden floors, a cafe, club and other facilities.
Det Con Louise Ford, from the Public Protection Central Complex Team, said: "This woman has spent years struggling to cope with what happened to her as a child, but finally found the confidence to report it to us.
It was not possible while they were tenants of first the Metro Radio Arena, then Northumbria University's Sport Central complex, but now their destiny - and their schedule - is about to come into their own hands.
* All wellheads stream fluids will be processed in the new offshore central complex, comprising of production, compression, utility and living quarter platforms, with topsides weight ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 tonnes.
on Tuesday and Wednesday 15/16 May about Stockport's Grand Central complex, it wasn't the prettiest development to adorn the former goods yard site outside the main railway station and to see the back of most of it has come as a blessing.
Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Complex in Barangays Culiat and New Era, Quezon City.
The Hinsdale Central complex once again has engendered fundamental issues of equity among local coaches.
A presentation night will take place at Northumbria University's Sports central complex on February 1 at 7.30pm when youngsters get the chance to chat with players and coaches.
A presentation night on February 1 will take place atNorthumbria University'sSports central complex at 7.30pm when youngsters get the chance to chat with players and coaches.
With the Grand Central complex and New Street Railway Station, coupled with some stunning architecture both old and new, the canal area, the Bullring markets, the food with it's myriad cuisines from around the world, the museums - I could go on.
The woman claiming to be Abegail's mother said she last saw the younger Yanson on July 16 at the INC central complex in Quezon City, while Candido Yanson said he last saw her on July 29.

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