os centrale

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os cen·tra·le

a small bone occasionally found at the dorsal aspect of the wrist between the scaphoid, capitate, and trapezoid; it is developed as an independent cartilage in early fetal life but usually becomes fused with the scaphoid; it occurs normally in most monkeys.
Synonym(s): central bone
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To take the measurements, the 3D image was positioned to establish the mandibular median line, setting the central bone point between the right and left lower central incisors, coinciding in its lower part with the mandibular median line.
The central bone segment containing the defect was subjected to a demineralization protocol with 50% v/v aqueous formic acid and 9% w/v sodium citrate for 90 days, changed every four days.
Cut the breast away from the central bone as you you would carve a chick-chick en breast off the bone.
Locate the central bone either end, then use a sharp knife to make an incision from one end to the other, until you hit the bone.
A central bone marrow registry will provide a bank of bone marrow matches for those suffering from leukaemia and Castro and others like him will be grateful.
However, Rabat saw it as an imminent black-and-white victory for the Polisario Front and pro-independence Sahrawi activists, after a decadelong strategic shift that has turned human rights into a central bone of contention.
Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1559 that Hizbullah's weapons have become "a central bone of contention" on the Lebanese political arena, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Thursday.
The metro plays the role of the central bone of a fish, while the buses, taxis, monorail, the waterbuses and water taxis that are linked to it from all around act as peripheral bones of a fish.
With a critical debate on health care reform underway in the Senate, in which funding for abortion is a central bone of contention, these observers say moderate Democrats now face another incentive to think twice about bucking their party's official pro-choice stance: fear of appearing to cave in to pressure tactics from Catholic bishops.
The fish was magnificent - so good, in fact, that I deftly lifted its central bone and sucked it clean with much relish.
The feminism issue that so bitterly split Conservative Jewry a quarter century ago has become the central bone of contention between right and left in American Jewish Orthodoxy today.
Outside, dotted around, were stalls that sold whelks and cockles and mussels, smoked salmon, dressed crab, jellied eels; sadly, because one spits out the central bone from a piece of eel, these stalls were situated in the Silver Ring rather than in the upmarket enclosures.

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