central body

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A zone of cytoplasm containing one or two centrioles but devoid of other organelles; usually located near the nucleus of a cell.
[cyto- + G. kentron, center]
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central body

(1) Centriole, see there. 
(2) Centrosome, see there.
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Description: Pollen grain, apparently monosaccate, corpus distinct, overall amb circular to sub circular, amb of central body strictly corresponding to the overall amb, this taxon is characterized by a flange like unfirmly broad extension of exoexine, which being thin and delicate may sometimes be partly or fully lost during maceration process, flange thin 1 m, more or less translucent with a very fine regular and distinct reticulum, lumina are less than 1 m in diameter with fine muri and squarish to hexagonal lumina, exine of central body infrapunctate to infragranulate, more dense and dark colored, trilete mark indistinct, attachment of exoexine to central body is sub equatorial.
Suppose the number of mg-contours constituting the mass of the planet is proportional to the distance to the central body, i.e.
In order to formulate the multibody equations of motion, accelerations bodies 2 and 3 need to be expressed in terms of the central body accelerations.
GCC is controlled by Cajamar which acts as the central body for the cooperative group, holding 95% of the combined assets.
certain areas, lack of a central body to oversee these projects, and lack of
"The treasurer has got to say to the central body, in this case Number 10, you cannot keep on spending, we damn well haven't got it.
It is a very distinctive looking bee, with a central body section all brown, a black abdomen and a white tail.
"There is no central body responsible for racing, which is organised through a local equestrian committee, but a number of private individuals are setting up enterprises, and we were invited to look at a couple of them."
28, 2003, by order of the Home Ministry's Central Body, headed by the minister, under section 10(A) of the 1975 Law Safeguarding the State from the Actions of Subversionists.
A central body ordering office supplies or arranging travel could save money.
The move follows an agreement signed between the ministry, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Gosi, whereby a central body is appointed to ensure that the workers' data are correct and that they physically exist.
But the response to yesterday's proposals from the "wise men" will depend on how far member states go in handing overall supervision to a central body which may be seen as undermining the role of the City of London and other national financial bodies.

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