central body

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A zone of cytoplasm containing one or two centrioles but devoid of other organelles; usually located near the nucleus of a cell.
[cyto- + G. kentron, center]

central body

(1) Centriole, see there. 
(2) Centrosome, see there.
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Suppose the number of mg-contours constituting the mass of the planet is proportional to the distance to the central body, i.
There is no central body responsible for racing, which is organised through a local equestrian committee, but a number of private individuals are setting up enterprises, and we were invited to look at a couple of them.
28, 2003, by order of the Home Ministry's Central Body, headed by the minister, under section 10(A) of the 1975 Law Safeguarding the State from the Actions of Subversionists.
A central body ordering office supplies or arranging travel could save money.
The move follows an agreement signed between the ministry, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Gosi, whereby a central body is appointed to ensure that the workers' data are correct and that they physically exist.
But the response to yesterday's proposals from the "wise men" will depend on how far member states go in handing overall supervision to a central body which may be seen as undermining the role of the City of London and other national financial bodies.
They include cooperation agreements between bordering countries; immediate TV and radio alerts, SMS and email messages; a special alert telephone number and a central body to provide assistance and training.
So we need some central body to bring in this technology across all major transport providers and allow us to carry one transport card.
As long as its central body is unharmed, the starfish can re-grow four of its five limbs.
of Washington School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School, this updated medical textbook presents itself as a balanced, accurate, and up-to-date view of the central body of human pathology that retains a strong emphasis on clinicopathologic correlations and incorporates understandings of the impact of molecular pathology on the practice of medicine.
Police now want to see a central body set up for registration numbers, and for tamper-proof plates to be fitted in cars.
As for the location of fat, waist circumference is considered a good measure of central body fat stores.

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