central apparatus

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cen·tral ap·pa·ra·tus

the centrosome and centrosphere.
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In basketball in a spectacular game, the central apparatus of KazTransOil JSC became the absolute champion, defeating the team from Zhezkazgan oil pipeline department.
KUWAIT, July 6 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Justice announced Saturday that it had issued 1742 governmental and non-governmental transactions and documents for illegal residents in 2018, in cooperation with Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents.
In 2010, Kuwait set up the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents in a new effort to find a solution to the issue and determine those who deserved the citizenship, - including residents whose stateless parents failed to register for citizenship following Kuwait's independence in 1961.
For years, Qatar TV has been a Lawo customer, using Lawo systems for outside broadcast as well as for thenew broadcast centre in Doha with Master Control Room (MCR), Central Apparatus Room (CAR), 450mA News Studio, as well as 1,013mA Production Studio and Edit Studios.
Third, the case of Pimentel vs Aguirre which confirmed the enduring practice of top-down economic development planning despite its obvious inconsistency to the constitutional prescription of local autonomy, and thus further entrenching the supremacy of the central apparatus in the overall management of government:
Turning to Lebanon, Jreissati said that there should be no tolerance on the level of appointments, noting that the government that managed to nominate a Secretary General for the Cabinet must be capable of completing appointments within the state's central apparatus. We urge Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nohad Mashnouq and Minister of National Defense Samir Moqbel to respect the legal text.
The roundtable was attended by heads of the central apparatus of the Interior Ministry and territorial departments of internal affairs bodies of Kyrgyzstan, the State Penitentiary Service, the State Service for Drug Control, as well as representatives of the educational institutions of the Interior Ministry, health authorities and non-governmental organizations.
A committee for accountability and corruption fighting was also called for to be in charge with following up on the affairs of the Central Commission for Control and Inspection and the Central Apparatus for Financial Control, the two bodies charged with corruption issues.
Muscat, Apr 11 (ONA) Saleh Yousef al-Fadalah, Executive Director of the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents' Affairs in the State of Kuwait and his accompanying delegation today paid a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque within the framework of his current visit to the Sultanate.
The executive director of the central apparatus for illegal residents affairs in the state of Kuwait and his accompanying delegation were received by sayyid eng.
The paper cited a statement released by the Iraqi central apparatus for statistics on Tuesday, saying that 23 percent of the Iraqi population has an income of below $66 per month, classifying them as living under the poverty line.

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