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A unit of kinematic viscosity that equals one hundredth of a stoke.
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Several free-surface profiles of extended menisci of evaporating one centistoke silicon oil were experimentally measured and plotted, as shown in Fig.
Last week Fujairah ex-wharf bunkers were at $4-7 per tonne for 380 centistoke (cst).
Spot cash premiums for the 180 centistoke (cst) and 380 cst grades have since improved to above $2 a tonne though, recovering from a discount low of 10 cents and 50 cents respectively as Western imports fell to three-year low levels in April.
A960 cargoes are typically sold at high premiums of $10-$12 a ton to Singapore spot quotes, but the historically low prices transacted have resulted from the recent slump in 180- centistoke prices.
When using these units for fluids with viscosities other than 1 centistoke, special calibrations and universal curves are available.
This stokes an unusually high demand for better-quality fuel with low viscosity of between 5 and 100 centistoke, which traders use to blend with the raw cargoes in onland tanks or floating storage to make the 380-cst bunker or marine fuel grade.
The range is ideal for pumping mainly clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids up to 250 centistokes, and fibrous slurries up to a consistency of 1%.
SO with viscosities of 1000 and 5000 centistokes (CS) are being used by surgeons according to their preferences and required duration of endotemponade, despite evidence that there is no difference in temponading force of them2,3.
98 Grams Per Cc 3 Dropping Point -220 Deg C 4 Kinetic / Kinematic Viscosity -100 Centistokes 5 Service Temperature High - 175 Deg C 6 Service Temperature Low - -65 Deg C 7 Shelf Life -1800 Days 8 Specific Gravity At The Rate Of 25 C- 0.