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A unit of kinematic viscosity that equals one hundredth of a stoke.
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Several free-surface profiles of extended menisci of evaporating one centistoke silicon oil were experimentally measured and plotted, as shown in Fig.
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is the most common silicone, which has been used in many kind of preparations such as liquid, gel and solid.1,2 Polymerization and the length of siloxane chain may affect its viscosity, which is measured in units of centistokes (cS).
Parameter measured Test method Test value Specific gravity at 25[degrees]C (g/[cm.sup.3)] AASHTO T228 1.01 Penetration at 25[degrees]C (0.1 mm) AASHTO T49 60 Softening point (R&B) ([degrees]C) AASHTO T53 56 Viscosity at 120[degrees]C (centistokes) AASHTO T201 1055 Viscosity at 135[degrees]C (centistokes) AASHTO T201 361 Viscosity at 160[degrees]C (centistokes) AASHTO T201 170 Ductility at 25[degrees]C (cm) AASHTO T51 >100 Table 2: Properties of used aggregates.
As sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) or perfluoropropane (C3F8) was not commercially available in Mainland China since June, 2015, we used silicone oil (5000 centistokes, Zeiss) for intraocular tamponade in all cases.
SO with viscosities of 1000 and 5000 centistokes (CS) are being used by surgeons according to their preferences and required duration of endotemponade, despite evidence that there is no difference in temponading force of them2,3.
The kinematic viscosity of B20 is 5.30 centistokes at 37.8[degrees]C and 5.22 at 40[degrees]C.
After magnetic stirring for 1 hour, the kinematic viscosity of the test HA was read with a unit of centistokes (cSt).
The silicone oil viscosity of 1000 and 5000 centistokes (cs) was found in 70 (88.6%) and 9 (11.4%) cases respectively (Table-I).
Table 1: Properties Diesel SFME 20% SFME 40% SFME Density, Kg/[m.sup.3] 860 900 868 876 Calorific value, kJ/kg 42800 37800 41800 40800 Viscosity, centistokes 3.01 5.8 3.568 4.126 Flash point, [degrees]C 60 98 67.6 75.2 Diesel index 50 48 49.6 49.2
"It has a viscosity of over 1 million centistokes, versus 600,000 typical for LSR, and it's not shear-thinning like normal LSR.