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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body.
2. A center of any kind, especially an anatomic center.
Synonym(s): centrum [TA] , centre.
3. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
4. A health care or therapeutic facility performing a particular function or service for people in the surrounding area.
Synonym(s): centre.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body; loosely, the interior of a body, especially an anatomic center.
2. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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Ability Resources, like other centers around the country, has taken on the challenge of trying to address significant unmet service needs through efforts to recast traditional service concepts, such as case management, so that funds committed to such programs can be used for services delivered in a manner consistent with the independent living philosophy.
The first, The Night Before 30, centers around five women on the even of their 30th birthday.
Each customer's existing IT infrastructure including firewalls, legacy systems and satellite locations, will be simulated at one of the many Intel Solution Centers around the world.
The legal controversy centers around a New York public school that has refused to rent its building to a religious group that wants to hold evangelistic classes for young children right after the school day ends.
By emphasizing trade, Cancuen's rulers stand in contrast with most Maya kings, who waged constant war with rival city-states, encouraging the collapse of the region's major population centers around A.D.
The main criticism centers around its frank ugliness.
The Cuban community of Little Havana centers around the shops along Calle Ocho (Eighth St.).
The other theme centers around the immanent world of the spheres and elements; this world is material and perishable (11).
To some accountants and business-people, cost accumulation centers around assigning costs to inventory, as generally accepted accounting principles and income tax regulations mandate; it's often interpreted to be a process that lacks flexibility.
This popular mystery novel, set in the Adirondacks, centers around the abandonment of a newborn boy on the steps of St.
"That is very important because that will give us the size we need to compete with other convention centers around the country."
Set in the 1960s, Blue Lights centers around the plans of four teenage girls attending a Saturday night party, a raucous event that during the '60s was called a "blue lights in the basement party." While the party proves to be wild enough, it's the events leading up to the festivities that prove entertaining.

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