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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body.
2. A center of any kind, especially an anatomic center.
Synonym(s): centrum [TA] , centre.
3. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
4. A health care or therapeutic facility performing a particular function or service for people in the surrounding area.
Synonym(s): centre.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body; loosely, the interior of a body, especially an anatomic center.
2. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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Group 1 -Al Shakhoora Youth Center, Bu Quwa Youth Center, The Qarya Youth Center, Al Hamala Youth Center.
But dwindling resources and other factors have converged to force the closure of 10 child-parent centers in the past two years.
Some reflective statements by students in the health science courses are: "Now I can see how hard it is for a parent to take a sick child to an office visit when they have to bring along two other small children on the bus with them"; "it is really awesome what impact I think I made on these people today and I plan to continue with this activity on a monthly basis, and more during the summer"; "before I took this course I did not know much about nursing centers and now I know how necessary they are in urban areas today" and " I plan to continue working at the soup kitchen and taking my daughter with me." Challenges encountered during the CSL activity are primarily related to time constraints due to family and work responsibilities as well as transportation issues.
Jarmel Kizel Architects & Engineers, Inc., has been chosen as architect and engineer of record to design the RWJ Rahway Fitness and Wellness Center, which is to be located at 2120 Lamberts Mill Road in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
The new autism centers and networks will be called the Autism Centers of Excellence or ACE.
"Without the website, the one-stop centers would be flooded with students, especially during registration time," Koskan says.
As part of its effort to improve services for members in special interest areas, the Institute recently launched the Financial Management Center and the Tax Center.
"We're talking about a very significant number here, and it's significant with regard to the day-to-day administration of these centers," he said.
Industry experts expect the total number of Latin America call centers to grow by roughly a third in the next four years, while the industry's regional workforce will climb from 336,000 in 2003 to 730,000 in 2008.
Starting 1 October 2005, DSCA takes on most administrative responsibility for the Centers, overseeing and coordinating programming, budgeting, and man-power.
dissertation on call centers. "They shorten their names or Westernize them.
While good customer service abounds at SDDC's vehicle processing centers worldwide, Hay said the Oahu center provides "Service with Aloha."

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