center of rotation

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center of ro·ta·tion

a point or line around which all other points in a body move. See: axis.

center of rotation,

n a point or line around which all other points in a body move.
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The center of rotation was established for the intact motion segment in the manner described by Volkman and colleagues.
3) was subsequently developed and featured a fixed center of rotation.
Medial offset is defined as the distance between the long axis of the intramedullary canal and the humeral head center of rotation as measured from an anterior-posterior projection.
The ankle center of rotation was approximated as the midpoint between the tip of the medial malleolus and the tip of the lateral malleolus for DP and external-internal rotation (EI).
In addition, the center of rotation will shift apically, and the tooth will be more prone to the harmful effect of lateral forces.
Kinematic analysis of a lower limb to determine the center of rotation of the knee at the sagittal plane
The femoral offset was measured as the distance from the center of rotation of the femoral head to the long axis of the femoral shaft.
First, in step (a), the center of rotation is determined during the first tilt.
Based on a penguin's shoulder-and-wing system, the mechanism features a spherical joint that enables three degrees of freedom and a fixed center of rotation.
Scapular muscle actions allow proper positioning and stability of the scapula while maintaining the glenohumeral center of rotation throughout arm motion.
From the estimated motion, the software allows for the calculation of the active range of motion, the congruency and the center of rotation of the hip joint, and the detection and localization of the femoroacetabular impingement region.
The X3's have a one-piece, reinforced turntable bearing tub design that is welded on top and bottom of the car body to provide enhanced strength and durability at the machine's center of rotation.

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