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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body.
2. A center of any kind, especially an anatomic center.
Synonym(s): centrum [TA] , centre.
3. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
4. A health care or therapeutic facility performing a particular function or service for people in the surrounding area.
Synonym(s): centre.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body; loosely, the interior of a body, especially an anatomic center.
2. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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Our calculations of [sigma] x Br shows that the resonance peak shifts from 5 TeV to 7 TeV with increasing of energy at the colliders from 13 TeV to 14 TeV as well as the absence of peak at energy of 100 TeV at the center of mass energies.
In the case of rotation, the stage rotates relative to its center of mass during the entire time of descent.
Changing the position of battery pack to make the center of mass is located in the center of the vehicle size.
* Where is the center of mass in the blocks of the buildings the Angry Birds are aiming for?
This is so because, given that the center of mass of the system, once r is known we can use Equations (15) and (16) to obtain the separate coordinates.
Table 1 Mass Distribution and Location of Center of Mass, after Winter (16) Segment Mass Fraction CoM Position Skull 0.081 [0.05 0 0.05] Thorax 0.286 [0 0 0.1214] Pelvis 0.212 [-0.25 0 0] Humerus 0.028 [0 0 0.436] Radius / Ulna 0.016 [0 0 0.43] Hand 0.006 [0 0 0.506] Femur 0.1 [0 0 0.433] Tibia / Fibula 0.0465 [0 0 0.433] Foot 0.014 [0 0 0.5] CoM = center of mass.
Figure 4 presents the simple scattergram for the relationship between the center of mass kinematics and the musical cadence imposed.
[www.vrmedialab.dk] Study Main Method(s) Estimated Parameters 1955--Dempster Balance plate, Volume, mass, density, hydrostatic weighing center of mass and mass and period of moments of inertia oscillation 1964--Hanavan Mathematical model Center of mass and mass moments of inertia of entire body 1966--Drillis (Incremental) hydrostatic Volume, mass, center of and Contini weighing and balance mass and mass moments of plate inertia of the segments.
By striding as far forward as possible, he stops the forward movement of the center of mass of the body and leaves the foot of his rear leg near the pitching rubber, which limits the movement of his rear hip.
An individual's limits of stability are influenced by their mass, base of support, and center of mass (position and velocity) (23, 39, 43).
The 67th Wing, and other elements under 8th Air Force, provides the center of mass for this startup activity.

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