center of gravity

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center of gravity

the midpoint or center of the weight of a body or object. In the standing adult human the center of gravity is in the midpelvic cavity, between the symphysis pubis and the umbilicus.
The center of a body’s mass, which is the point at which all parts are in balance with one another. The center of gravity depends on the body’s position in space, anatomic structure, gender, habitual standing posture and whether external weights are held

cen·ter of grav·i·ty

(COG) (sen'tĕr grav'i-tē)
The point on a body or system where, if pressure equal to the weight of the object is applied, forces acting on the object will be in equilibrium; the point around which the mass is centered; the location of the COG in an adult human being in the anatomic position is just anterior to the second sacral vertebra.
Synonym(s): centre of gravity.
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Once we find the sole strength--the removal of which precludes the accomplishment of the objective--the center of gravity has been identified (see figure 2).
To achieve the "ultra-low center of gravity package", the engine as a whole has been made more compact by such means as adopting the shorter intake manifold and the shallower oil pan.
Modify the equation (3), replacing n with m where m is the number of measured samples in the first second of the examination and retrieve new, average values of center of gravity coordinates [x.
If he does not initially shift his center of gravity to the right, then the right foot plant would be in front of his center of gravity and the speed of this cut would be decreased.
3]) for 6-m logs, 3-m butt logs, and 3-m upper logs using closely measured intervals (True) and Centroid, Newton, Bruce, Center of Gravity (Gravity), Huber, and Smalian formulae and the Chi-square accuracy test (test Chi-square value under the True column) for three species examined.
The lower the weight of an object, the lower its center of gravity, which makes it easier to balance.
The Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix allows Callaway Golf to position the center of gravity in the best possible location in each of the Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons.
Advanced by Carl von Clausewitz, the concept of center of gravity is a popular strategic theory.
Chesney, as it works out, is the film's moral center of gravity.
As the lower extremities are driving toward the toe board, the center of gravity is moving forward.
Now Callaway has machined into each Hawk Eye Titanium Metal Wood the precision Tungsten Gravity Screw, creating the lowest center of gravity of any Callaway metal wood ever and delivering optimum trajectory and less spin for unparalleled forgiveness.
Binary pulsars are believed to consists of a neutron star (the actual pulsar) gravitationally bound to a more ordinary star and orbiting their common center of gravity.

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