center of gravity

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center of gravity

the midpoint or center of the weight of a body or object. In the standing adult human the center of gravity is in the midpelvic cavity, between the symphysis pubis and the umbilicus.
The center of a body’s mass, which is the point at which all parts are in balance with one another. The center of gravity depends on the body’s position in space, anatomic structure, gender, habitual standing posture and whether external weights are held

cen·ter of grav·i·ty

(COG) (sen'tĕr grav'i-tē)
The point on a body or system where, if pressure equal to the weight of the object is applied, forces acting on the object will be in equilibrium; the point around which the mass is centered; the location of the COG in an adult human being in the anatomic position is just anterior to the second sacral vertebra.
Synonym(s): centre of gravity.
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Joint doctrine defines a center of gravity as "the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act.
2 shows center of gravity trajectories (patient body motion) focus and direction of motion vector evaluation.
A key to maximizing GameSpeed is to have your center of gravity in front of your drive foot no matter what direction you are moving.
Station 3: The meter stick's center of gravity should be located at the center of the stick.
For calculations involving the Center of Gravity, [lambda] was defined by Lynch et al.
A little downward or upward force on a long lever has the same effectiveness as a lot of force on a shorter lever, and the lever is the fuselage aft of the center of gravity.
A fellow does not maintain his low center of gravity without a single- minded devotion to proper nutrition.
The center of gravity of a dancer's body lies in the bowl of the pelvis, generally accepted to be around the second sacral fused vertebra.
The lift assist feature is weight-sensitive to the shifting of an occupant's center of gravity, and the seat can be easily lowered or raised to the upright position.
They are the center of gravity for this organization and enjoy great support of the entire SDDC team.
And since SUVS have a higher center of gravity, they have a much greater chance of rolling over.
In spherical objects, this center of gravity is the sphere's geometric center.

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