center of gravity

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The center of a body’s mass, which is the point at which all parts are in balance with one another. The center of gravity depends on the body’s position in space, anatomic structure, gender, habitual standing posture and whether external weights are held
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cen·ter of grav·i·ty

(COG) (sen'tĕr grav'i-tē)
The point on a body or system where, if pressure equal to the weight of the object is applied, forces acting on the object will be in equilibrium; the point around which the mass is centered; the location of the COG in an adult human being in the anatomic position is just anterior to the second sacral vertebra.
Synonym(s): centre of gravity.
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An object's center of gravity is also the point where it balances.
Clausewitz's use of the center of gravity in On War remains essentially consistent with the concept's representation in the mechanical sciences.
Army War College course entitled Case Studies in Center of Gravity Analysis.
Current translations of Carl von Clausewitz's On War describe the center of gravity as the "hub of all power and movement, on which everything depends." (8) Clausewitz approached warfare from the perspective of nation-states using organized violence in a battle of wills, where the ultimate objective was the enemy's submission through the destruction of its military forces.
* A person's center of gravity is near his or her waist.
As the center of gravity is moved forward of the center of pressure (also the called the center of lift), the nose will tend to pitch the wing downward.
Obviously, the best scenario is to have eyebolt holes at the mold's center of gravity on all four sides.
Much work has been done on the influence of aircraft center of gravity on flight performance and aerodynamic characteristics.
(1) Center of gravity (COG) analysis, a lynchpin of campaign and operation planning, is no exception.
Every object has a CENTER OF GRAVITY, the place where gravity pulls on it.
Each aircraft has a specific center of gravity. When maintainers removed multiple parts, they failed yield to the caution that the aircraft center of gravity was changing further aft with each part that was removed.
In physics 'Center of Gravity' is defined as a point in a body of matter where the total weight of that body is concentrated.

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