center of excellence

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Academia A hospital or medical center recognized by its peers in the medical community as providing high quality health care in one or more specialties
Tertiary care A hospital designated by Medicare as one for which it will reimburse expenses for a particular procedure—e.g., liver transplantation—based on that center’s higher than average rate of success
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center of excellence

Tertiary care A hospital designated by Medicare as one in which it will reimburse expenses for a particular procedure–eg, liver transplantation, based on that center's higher than average rate of success
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cen·ter of ex·cel·lence

(sen'tĕr ek'sĕ-lĕns)
A colloquial, jargonistic, and vastly overused term for any health care facility that is reputed, by means of public survey or in the opinion of the facility itself, to be superior in one or more ways to other such care facilities.
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Madhur Gupta, master trainer and field engineer for Unity, presented an overview of the Creator Center of Excellence's Professional Developer Course.
The Future of Banking Center of Excellence is expected to open in Q1 2018.
Located in a former factory named Ca l'Alier at the Smart City campus, Schneider Electric's Center of Excellence is expected to be fully operational by mid-2016.
Army is transforming the Signal Center of (Excellence into the Cyber Center of Excellence to prepare our military personnel to meet challenges in cyberspace and,
The Oil and Gas Center of Excellence was to be fully operational by the end of June.
"The Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence will serve as the industry-wide resource for innovation in mobile advertising," said Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO of the IAB.
Center of excellence processes are meant to be contagious, and using them to support a central project will almost always yield positive results.
The concept of a service line overlaps considerably with that of a center of excellence, but the phrase has a different implication.
The new 'Center of Excellence' will focus on research into compounds and fillings and also on the development of new product applications.
The term center of excellence has come to represent different things in different settings.
The Center of Excellence is an interesting concept and an important undertaking for South Texas College (STC).
The funds will allow FAU to establish The Florida Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology.

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