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In the case of molars, in advanced developmental stages the apical loop leaves the external and internal epithelium, the so-called Hertwig epithelial root sheath, which is a structure necessary for the root to achieve the appropriate length; it is later divided and replaced by cementoblast precursors, called epithelial cell rests of Malassez [37].
Cementoblast gene expression is regulated by Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide partially via toll-like receptor-4/MD-2.
They reported that differential genetic responses to mechanical loading provide functional markers for a distinction between the cementoblast and osteoblast phenotypes.
Cementoblast and osteoblast are similar in biological effects.
This space is necessary to provide a channel for the migration of progenitor cells towards and onto the detoxified root surface hence differentiation of cementoblast, formation of new cementum and periodontal ligament is desired (17, 18).
Wnt signaling inhibits cementoblast differentiation and promotes proliferation.
In vitro, superior cementoblast adhesion to MTA compared with amalgam and IRM[TM], and expression of genes for cementogenesis, led investigators to label MTA as cemento-conductive [Thomson et al.
Since the most external aspect of cementum is covered by a layer of cementoblasts over a zone of non-mineralized cementoid, a surface that provides satisfactory conditions for osteoclast binding (RGD-peptides that are bound to calcium salt crystals on mineralized surfaces) is not present.
Benign cementoblastoma is a slow-growing benign tumor arising from cementoblasts.
It is not clear whether a single progenitor cell for fibroblasts, osteoblasts and cementoblasts exists in the adult periodontal tissue (3).
Comparative effects of parathyroid hormone on osteoblast and cementoblasts.