cellulose acetate

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cel·lu·lose ac·e·tate

a polymer commonly used as a support medium for electrophoresis.

cellulose acetate

1. A support medium commonly used in electrophoresis.
2. A semisynthetic dialysis membrane.
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a polysaccharide containing β1→4 linked glucose carbohydrate forming the skeleton of most plant structures and plant cells. In herbivores, digested by bacteria in the rumen or cecum, primarily to volatile fatty acids which can be used as a source of energy.

absorbable cellulose
an absorbable oxidation product of cellulose, applied locally to stop bleeding. Called also oxidized cellulose.
cellulose acetate
the most popular support field used in the electrophoresis of proteins.
oxidized cellulose
see absorbable cellulose (above).
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The glass transition temperatures measured by DSC for cellulose acetate with 20 wt% glycerol are presented in Fig.
Several other proprietary plasticizers were utilized to illustrate the tunability of the cellulose acetate resin for increased performance in more demanding applications.
Table 2 shows a decrease in fruit firmness over the days after treatments, but in fruit coated with cellulose acetate (3%) at chilling temperature, this decrease was slower and fruit remained firmer than those coated with 1% sodium alginate film and control fruit.
Several researchers have previously utilized cellulose acetate and polymethylmethacrylate independently for immobilizing [beta]-galactosidase previously [13,19,20].
Capsules were given four coating applications with cellulose acetate phthalate solution 8% (p/v)(A/8/4) and 4 and 5 applications with solutions 9 (A/9/4 and A/9/5) and 10% (p/v) (A/10/4 and A/10/5), respectively.
In the present study, the release was rapid in the beginning period and the drug release was very rapid in sodium alginate leading to exhaustion of the reservoir even before 24 hrs, where as the release profile of the drug for cellulose acetate even though rapid initially, was maintained for more than 48 hrs.
It is safe to say that the cellulose acetate fibers in cigarette filters, like other plastics, are with us for some time after they are discarded.
The use of FPLC for diagnosis of [beta]-thalassaemias has been reported in an earlier study where the Mono Q column was used and a comparison was done with the manual cellulose acetate electrophoresis (7).
Grades of cellulose acetate butyrate, for example, can vary by the ratio of acetic to butyric ester groups, hydroxyl number, and molecular weight.
Clarifoil, the cellulose acetate film for carton windows, print lamination and labels, has gained the OK Compost certificate as a home compostable material.
The diffusion of salicylic acid, a model drug, loaded in prepared corn starch paste was studied through cellulose acetate membrane and extracted mouse skin by the application of iontophoresis.