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pertaining to, or made up of, cells.
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1. Relating to, derived from, or composed of cells.
2. Having numerous compartments or interstices.
[L. cellula, dim. of cella, storeroom]
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1. Of, relating to, or resembling a cell.
2. Consisting of or containing a cell or cells: the cellular construction of a beehive; the cellular nature of plant and animal tissue.

cel′lu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
cel′lu·lar·ly adv.
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1. Relating to, derived from, or composed of cells.
2. Having numerous compartments or interstices.
[L. cellula, dim. of cella, storeroom]
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Patient discussion about cellular

Q. Is it proven that cellular radiation can damage health?

A. it was proven that people that talk a lot with cellular phones tend to develop problems in their salivary gland (the Parotid gland, right under the ear)that is on the side they speak the most.

could be that in 15 years from now the amount of brain cancer will increase and they will know for sure it's from cellular phones. , why take a chance- use as less as possible, use an earphone and don't give a cellular phone to your children until they are 17.
you can never know what will they find next...

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In the present study, cellular phone users and nonusers evaluated a set of statements regarding (a) the safety of using cellular phones while driving, (b) the potential of phone-related operator actions in causing an accident, and (c) the establishment of new cellular phone laws.
Iraq had no cellular phone system in operation until this year, but initial offerings have been very well received.
Oregon now faces implementation costs for the second phase of E911 technology: pinpointing and mapping the location of callers using cellular phones. Cellular callers often do not know or cannot provide their location.
Realizing that many older model cellular phones, although still operational, were routinely discarded, our goal was to tap into several in-house and community resources to acquire this equipment.
The use of cellular phones is on the rise, and Americans are finding that talking on the phone while driving a car sometimes can be a lethal combination, This risk was underscored recently by an accident that captured the nation's attention and left a popular fashion model critically injured.
government has increasingly been wary of cellular phone risks.
The percentage of families owning cellular phones, including personal handy-phone systems, stood at 64.9%.
Smith Micro Software Inc's Wireless and Broadband division has introduced QuickLink Fax 2000, its new wireless technology designed to allow cellular phone users to easily send and receive faxes.
JR East will carry out a campaign against cellular phone use until late May, putting up posters and making announcements in trains telling passengers to turn their phones off during rush hours, the officials said.
The CDMA cellular phone format is capable of massive high-speed transmissions of video images and other data.
Ericsson recently unveiled the Bluetooth Headset, a cellular phone headset that connects to a mobile phone by a radio link instead of a cable.
Says Bob Frame, executive vice president of BellSouth Cellular, "The prepaid cellular phone user is budget-minded, yet wants to take advantage of the benefits of wireless communications.

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