cellular immunity

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cell-·me·di·at·ed im·mu·ni·ty (CMI),

, cellular immunity
Immune responses mediated by activated, antigen-specific T lymphocytes. These T cells may function as effector cells or may orchestrate propagation of the inflammatory response and cellular recruitment through their secretion of cytokines and chemokines.
Synonym(s): delayed hypersensitivity (1)
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cellular immunity

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cell-me·di·at·ed im·mu·ni·ty

, cellular immunity (CMI) (sel'mē'dē-āt-ĕd i-myū'ni-tē, sel'yū-lăr)
Immune responses that are initiated by T lymphocytes and mediated by T lymphocytes, macrophages, or both (e.g., graft rejection, delayed-type hypersensitivity).
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cell-mediated immunity
delayed hypersensitivity,
, cellular immunity (sel'mē'dē-āt-ĕd i-myū'ni-tē, sel'yū-lăr) Synonym(s): delayed hypersensitivity.
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A mild temperature (35.5[degrees]C) has some effect on cellular immunity, but a moderately low temperature (30[degrees]C) will directly inhibit NK cell activity and reduce resistance to tumor metastasis [60].
Cellular immunity survey against urinary tract infection using pVAX/fimH cassette with mammalian and wild type codon usage as a DNA vaccine.
Cytokines help regulate virtually all immune processes, affect the balance between humoral and cellular immunity, and help control the growth and maturation of many immune cells.
In this study, we investigated the immunogenicity of VLP of regional (East China) variant HPV16 L1 produced in sf9 insect cells infected by recombinant baculovirus, and examined the effects on cellular immunity of combined administration of IL-12 and VLP.
It indicated that cellular immunity response could be boosted when propolis flavonoids liposome served as adjuvant and high levels of IFN-[gamma] in propolis flavonoids liposome group were also improved.
Thus, the uveitis at VKH syndrome is characterized by the changes of cellular immunity which were more expressed at an excavation and complication of inflammatory process.
BACKGROUND: Chronic diabetic patients with wounds have deficient growth factors and impaired local and systemic cellular immunity. Treatment with growth factors is expensive with risk of infection transmission and these factors may not achieve optimum wound concentration.
Cellular immunity was analyzed by DTH response in skin, comparing the IDR, between active and SR of lesions.
Indeed, viral fusion protein-incorporated liposomes have been used to introduce encapsulated antigenic OVA into DC's cytosol and induced efficient cellular immunity [18, 19].
Studies have shown cellular immunity specifically by T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and NK T cells under the control of interleukin-2.[sup.19] The latter of these explanations provides further support for continued research into anti-tumoural immunity.

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