A cellulose bandage impregnated with plaster of Paris.
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The 45-year-old victim identified as Jose Cellona was about to fetch his daughter, who just finished eating at a nearby eatery when he was shot by the unnamed gunman.
PO3 Jerry Jenelaso of the Cebu City police's homicide section said Cellona died on the spot due to gunshot wounds on the left side of his head while his daughter was hit by a stray bullet on her right leg.
35) Findings in this study are consistent with studies done by Lip et al, (36) Capogns et al, (37) Cellona et al.
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Clarissa Cellona, senior consultant of SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinic.
It is the perfect choice for active patients who are already at their healthy weight, but still want to get rid of that last pocket of fat which they can't achieve through diet and exercise,' Cellona said.
PMAP-CDO Officers and Board of Trustees Vivien Lawansa, Josette Cellona, Bambie Espiritu, Dulce Esperon, Precy Capitan, Jojo Ortiz with Pres.
A cohort of multibacillary patients had been recruited for a relapse study of 2 year MDT during the late 1980s and early 1990s, as described by Cellona et al.