A cellulose bandage impregnated with plaster of Paris.
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Issa Cellona of Skincell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics skillfully did my Ultherapy treatment and I was so pleased.
Fernando Sepe Jr., Jonathan Cellona, and Val Cuenca -- awardee in the interactive category of the International awards for factual content, International Association for International Broadcasting, for their work entitled "Stories from the Under the Rubble: Inside the Battle of Marawi."
The materials used were produced under the name Cellona (Lohman & Rauscher, Austria).
(35) Findings in this study are consistent with studies done by Lip et al, (36) Capogns et al, (37) Cellona et al.
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A barangay desk officer of the Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL), Tessie Cellona, also supports lowering MACR.
Douglas JT, Cellona RV, Fajardo TT Jr, Abalos RM, Balagon MV, Klaster PR.
Issa Cellona, lead dermatologist at SkinCell, saw a market niche in providing patients with treatment options tailored to their individual needs.
Clarissa Cellona, senior consultant of SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinic.