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, gen. and pl.


(sel'ă, sel'ē),
A room or cell.
[L. storeroom, or compartment]
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, pl. cellae (selă, -ē)
A room or cell.
[L. storeroom, or compartment]
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Cella's attitude is that, except for his hard-working pro-Oaklawn clan (most of whom are simply looking out for their own financial interests and potential substantial gains), we're just a bunch of backward people who don't know what's best for our state.
Page says Arkansans have "soundly said no" to casinos and that the "classic blunder" by Cella and his campaign was to have the other amendments withdrawn from the ballot.
CELLA's spark of heavenly fire, once kindled and set ablaze, can illuminate the (darkness) and ensure that every public fund goes to improving the lives of every Filipino,' she said./lzb
3732, 3751, 3687, 3772, 3687); 1.140 / RS 24.302 (from the "cella," p.t.
Cella Energy is an advanced materials company pioneering safe, high-performance, low-cost hydrogen energy.
Since winning, Cella Energy has made rapid progress, attracting further investment, and the company is now working with global strategic partners.
JOHN CELLA doesn't just preach about the importance of exercise; he practices it.
Matthew Berkson and Jon Cella were honored with the largest rental and sales commissions prizes, respectively.
The process is being developed by Cella Energy, a spin-off from Britain's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, who say that the technique allows hydrogen to be released at a much faster rate and at lower temperatures than before.
London, Feb 2 (ANI): Researchers at Cella Energy in Didcot, UK, are developing nanobeads of ammonia-borane hydride which when used as car fuel, can cut greenhouse emission by 30 percent.
* Cristina Cella, Stockholm School of Economics; Andrew EIIUl, Indiana University; and Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics, "Investors' Horizons and the Amplification of Market Shocks"
Becky will ask me to be her new fella, When I say "what about Steve", she says, "he can sleep in the cella".