cell organelle

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One of the specialized parts of a protozoan or tissue cell; these subcellular units include mitochondria, the Golgi apparatus, nucleus and centrioles, granular and agranular endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles, microsomes, lysosomes, plasma membrane, and certain fibrils, as well as plastids of plant cells.
Synonym(s): cell organelle, organoid (3)
[G. organon, organ, + Fr. -elle, dim. suffix, fr. L. -ella]
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It is important to note, students must have been given a prior experience or some kind of direct instruction regarding cell organelles. They may use labeled drawings from their notes to guide them in this activity.
Our ultrastructural studies showed that after vitrifying-warming of ovaries in DCV7 group, no noticeable changes occurred in the organelles of oocytes and follicular cells and the integrity of cell organelles was well preserved.
In order to have a further discernment into the possible mechanism leading to differential growth of different grains, developing in the same spike or spikelet, it was considered worthwhile to examine the structure of different cell organelles and to point out correlations, if any, between their ultrastructural profiles and yielding abilities.
It was postulated that most liver cells actually die by apoptosis [2-3] which is morphologically characterized, by cell shrinkage, formation of apoptotic bodies with intact cell organelles and the absence of inflammation [4].
The magnetic manipulatives allow the teacher to model the phospholipid bilayer, various membrane proteins, and cell organelles. The magnetic models can easily be moved on the blackboard allowing the teacher to demonstrate dynamic cell processes: i.e., movements of worker proteins, movement of substances through membrane protein channels, endocytosis, and exocytosis.
During the preparation of plant extracts by a press--slit--technique, membranes of cell walls and cell organelles of the plant material form vesicles, which are dispersed as colloids.
Oxidative stress, caused by the accumulation of toxic forms of oxygen in the cell, and problems with cell organelles, like the mitochondria, place stress on cellular clean-up crews.
It can be used to separate a range of charged molecules and particles, including cells, cell organelles, cellular fragments, and complex protein mixtures.
Secreted and membranal proteins are synthesized by ribosomes bound to specific cell organelles. All other proteins are synthesized by free ribosomes, which are not attached to any cell organelles.
Three-dimensional imagery is expected to lead to a fundamental revision of scientific insight into the architecture and functioning of living cells, cell organelles, and their constituting supramolecular complexes, according to the FEI developers.
While many papers focus on the age-dependent changes in DNA, protein, membranes, and cell organelles, the ageing of connective tissue is also discussed, with attention being particularly paid to atherosclerotic degeneration.
To prevent them from multiplying, special cell organelles called autophagosomes are activated.