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The celiac axis gives rise to the splenic, left gastric, and common hepatic arteries.
The incidence of celiac axis injury has not been previously reported in the literature.
Penetrating trauma remains the predominant cause of the majority of celiac axis injuries.
Surgical exposure of the celiac axis can be accomplished by medial rotation of the left-sided viscera, including mobilization of the left colon, spleen, pancreas, and stomach.
The surgical treatment of celiac axis injuries consists either of primary repair or ligation.
In the Kashuk et al (7) series, all six patients with celiac axis injuries survived, although no description of their surgical treatment is presented.
However, for the six patients with one associated vascular injury, the mortality rate was lower (33%), and all patients with isolated celiac axis injuries survived.
According to Kavic et al, (10) ligation has not been the preferred approach to deal with celiac axis injury.